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What a better way to feel healthy and refreshed than enjoying a delicious and fresh fruit- and today we’re all about the grapefruit. It is the perfect time for grapefruits to come in season! Today, we are so thrilled to have Diana Steffen of her blog Diana Elizabeth here to share with us her tips and tricks to picking and juicing grapefruits! Here is what Diana has to say:
It’s that time of the year when grapefruits are ready to be enjoyed from now until spring!  Never thought of adding grapefruit to your diet? You should! Grapefruit can lower cholesterol, curb appetite, boost metabolism, and is packed with Vitamin C.Think beyond just slicing it and eating the pulp. You can juice it, or add it to a salad or even create a duck or pork dressing. A quick Google search will bring up loads of recipes to try.

If you haven’t been introduced to grapefruit, there are several varieties from white, to pink, to red!  Try all three to see which you like the best.

How to Pick Grapefruits:

  • November to April is the prime grapefruit season – as soon as they start to turn yellow, it’s time!  New buds are usually forming in March, and by the end of June I clear off my tree of the overripe grapefruits.
  • I also have a lime tree, a lemon tree, and a pink lemon tree.
  • Once a grapefruit is picked, you can eat it – no need to wait for it to ripen.
  • You can leave them on the tree as a storage until you are ready to use them.
  • The fruit at the bottom of the tree is the sweetest.  I was told this by our horticulturist/arborist!
  • Once picked, grapefruit can be good on the table for a few days, around 5.  Store them in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
  • How to eat:  This story, is pretty much a lesson in how I learned why I disliked grapefruit because I was eating them incorrectly! I was eating it like an orange with the “white stuff” membrane! You just need to get a grapefruit spoon (it helps) and only scrape the pulp – that’s all you can eat and you’ll like it better than eating it like an orange.


Tips for Juicing Grapefruits:
There’s not really a technique on how to juice. It would be the same as any citrus, it just depends on how many you need to do!  An old fashioned press is charming, while an electric juicer can come in handy if you have a bucket full.  Simply cut grapefruit in half and squeeze with whatever method you will be using.
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Model + Blogger: Diana Elizabeth
Stylist: Angela Saban
Photographer: Melissa Schollaert
Makeup: Lizzy Marsh

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