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Spring is just around the corner – we can feel it! And with spring comes plenty of sunshine, fresh bulbs, and, of course, spring cleaning. Today, we’re thrilled to have Krista of Sugar Love Chic sharing a few tips and tricks on organizing your wardrobe for spring. Here’s what she has to say:

Can you believe spring is just a little over a month away? How exciting! This means less overcast days and more sunshine. And how can we forget the beautiful flowers that will be blooming? There are definitely so many aspects of the beautiful season that get us excited. One thing that we can all be thrilled to do is to say goodbye (temporarily) to our sweaters and say hello to our skirts and dresses!

Bring on the colorful patterns and sundresses. Spring is all about taking a fresh step toward a new season and soaking up whatever the New Year has planned for us! Another infamous spring happening? Spring Cleaning! But not to worry. Although the thought of cleaning and rearranging your closet may sound a bit overwhelming, we are here to share organizational tips to help you actually enjoy the Spring Cleaning process!


Because a girl can never have a big enough closet, most of us ladies fill up the ones we do have to the brim. (No judgment here!) Closets tend to look the most cluttered during the winter months since they are packed with bulky and hard to fold sweaters. It’s exciting to organize and pack up sweaters to make room for a spring wardrobe! I like to keep in mind what organizing expert Monica Friel says, “Reimagine your closet as your personal chic boutique.” This is a great concept to remember whenever reorganizing closet space!

closet-organizing organizing

Flower patterns and pink hues on dresses oh my! It’s so fun grabbing your most colorful and spring worthy garments and getting them ready in the front of the closet again. Especially with all of the New York Fashion week buzz, there is so much anticipation in the air to see what spring trends will be in this season!

Besides taking out all out all of my winter pieces and getting them ready to be neatly stored, I also try to keep in mind another tip Organizing Expert Monica Friel advises, which is to group similar items together. Whether that means similar styles or colors, it’s a great way to keep the spring cleaning process easy and orderly.


Now that I’ve gotten you just as excited as I am about Spring Cleaning as I am, here is a sneak peek at the beginning of my closet makeover with the amazing SOFI Line of stylish organizational pieces including the SOFI Hex BoxSOFI Brix Box, Small, and SOFI Zipper Tote, SmallI’m measuring out space in my closet to determine how many of the SOFI Zipper Tote, small I’ll be adding to my shelf. They’re so convenient thanks to their two zippers, making it easy to take a peek and remove whatever is placed inside. These pieces are perfect for transforming my closet in a stylish way! Stay tuned as next week I’ll show you my before and after progress on my Spring Cleaning closet organization!

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