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It’s officially time to be spending your afternoons in the sunshine, lounging by the pool or in the backyard! As of this weekend, spring is officially here, and summer is right around the corner. Cheers to season changes and new beginnings!

When the warmer weather hits, we’re all about the perfect combination of healthy, refreshing, and delicious drinks. That means smoothies all around! What better way to celebrate the arrival of the warmer months than by combining your favorite fruits and blending up a delicious, healthy drink!


Can I start by saying how obsessed I am with my very FIRST Vitamix?! Full disclosure: It’s been on my wish list since I was a teenager. I remember being 16 and mesmerized by the Vitamixes that they would use at Jamba Juice. They made smoothies look so flawless and effortless to make. Fast forward to a decade plus later, I could not be more excited to finally be in the Vitamix club with my new and fabulous Vitamix Pro 500 64 oz from QVC, a part of the Vitamix Professional series. It was love at first blend! I can’t compare my Vitamix experience to any other blender. From the pre-set settings to the high powered, this truly is the best of the best!


I could not be more excited to break in my new digs (I mean Vitamix) and mix up a Banana Berry Smoothie. This has become one of my new favorite go-to smoothie recipes. It reminds me of being on an island during the summer in Hawaii! Who else wants to come join?!

Make this bright, bold smoothie for any day by combining bananas, mangos, blueberries, orange juice, and a bit of Greek yogurt. What a refreshing combination! Only 5 ingredients and you have the perfect smoothie! Feel free to mix it up by adding other fruits and juices to your hearts content. Add any combination to your Vitamix for an incredible drink for breakfast, lunch, or a snack!




-1 ripe banana

-1 cup frozen mango

-1/2 cup blueberries

-3/4 cup orange juice

-1/4 cup honey greek yogurt


1. Puree banana, mango, blueberries, orange juice, and Greek yogurt in blender.

2. Hit the “smoothie” option to make sure everything is fully blended. Serve at desired consistency.

Recipe: Melissa Johnson

Photography: Michelle Drewes

Also find this post on QVC!!

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