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You know we’re all about the celebrations! Whether it’s a birthday party, a get-together for dinner, or just an every day coffee date, celebrating life’s little moments is so important to us! We’re so thrilled to have Denell of Mopa Living here to share this DIY on how to make ‘Celebrate’ Chair Sashes! Whether you’re using this customized piece for a party, or just an everyday event, it’s sure to add fun to your space! Here’s what Denell has to say:

How often are you throwing a party? Often, right? Right. I know I’m not alone when I say I love to create customized pieces for my party space — and one trend that I love is a signature chair sash!

fun-party-chair party-chair

A chair sash is a such a great way to designate seating or simply shine the light on the guest of honor at any event. Here’s another great thing about a chair sash – you can now create your very own custom chair sash for your next event.

This process is so easy – so now you can customize a new sash for each and every event!




-Martha Stewart Screen Print Adhesive

-Martha Stewart Paint and Squeegee

-Fabric or Paper

-Fringed tissue paper using the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors as trim (optional).


1. Before you get started with the screen printing portion, be sure to size your paper or fabric to chair. Once you have your fabric sized to fit your chair, be sure that it is clean of any debris, and on a flat surface.

2. Select your paint colors and pour a good amount into a paper paint of paint palette.

3. Next trim your screen print adhesive by trimming around your design. Once your design is cut to size, you’ll want to remove the white sticker from the backside of the screenprint design and fit to your fabric. Now you are ready to paint!


4. With your paint squeegee, you’ll want to take paint and smooth it across the overall design. Be careful to not go past the blue adhesive area. Continue to smooth on paint until all open design areas are completed.

5. Carefully remove and wash your screenprint (YES! You can reuse this design), and let both your fabric and screenprint dry.

6. Attach a decorate trim, such as a fringe paper trim to the bottom of the sash.

7. Once your fabric is dry, you are ready to attach to your party chair.

8. This particular screen print method is so easy, and the results are wonderful. I recommend everyone give this method a try!


Styling: Denell Pepin

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting: Megan Belanger

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