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Working from home can be incredibly tricky, but so rewarding at the same time! But how do you find a balance? How do you keep your work separate from your personal life so that you’re not working around the clock? We have a few quick tricks!

Find the perfect balance is all about making lists and schedules, and keeping to them!

1. Plan out your week using your favorite planner or app. We love to keep things written down both in pen and paper form and online!

2. Schedule in work hours. And stick to them! Keep balance by continuing to set aside time for yourself or your family and by setting office hours.

3. Create a work space in your home. Devote this area to work and other areas to play. Keeping things separate will help create balance.
To help keep yourself on track and balanced while working at home, we’re thrilled to be partnering with many other great bloggers to give away one GOLD Macbook! Did you know the all new gold Macbook was released this weekend?? Our favorite color! Follow the RaffleCopter giveaway directions and enter to win! Use this as a great reason to keep your work and personal life in perfect balance! This Macbook retails at $1299 and the winner will have this shipped straight to them from Apple FOR FREE!! This giveaway will end at midnight on 4/17 and the winner will be announced the next morning. Scroll to the very bottom of this post to enter, and after you have entered come back and check out all of these amazing bloggers that have teamed up to bring you this amazing prize! *You must be 13+ years old to enter*

New Gold Macbook Pro Giveaway


Photography: Milou & Olin 

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    1. Erin Evans

      Thanks so much for the tips + an amazing giveaway opportunity—so many fabulous blogs that I didn’t know existed until now! xo

    2. Lizzy Carroll

      As a medical student, I work/ study a lot from home. Even though it’s very tempting to crawl into my bed to study (especially in a small studio apartment where my bed is always in my line of sight), I’ve made a point to separate my desk area from the rest of my living space. It allows me to stay focused when I’m at home, and not fall into the trap of “just one more netflix episode…. THEN I’ll do some work”.

    3. Bri Barker

      I am a busy student trying to work and go to school. I go to school during the day and work at night, and my homework doesn’t get done by its self so I usually stay up most nights studying and finishing assignments. I also aattend an Early College program I started taking college classes along with my high school courses starting freshman year. I am now a senior getting ready to graduate and go off to college. This computer would be such a blessing to recieve. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

    4. Claudia Robinson

      Such perfect advice!! I love the idea of truly sticking to work hours; challenging, really, because it’s so easy to work my butt off when there is no time card to punch. How awesome would it be to really experience a balance:). And obviously love your giveaway opp!! So generous!!!

    5. Cami

      I love the tip of separating your work space from play/living space. That is SO important! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I’ve been totally drooling over that macbook!

    6. Lexie

      Oh this would be the biggest blessing as a student with a full time job! The papers! The organization! The beauty!

    7. chelsea underwood

      Took a few days but finally completed. Had to reload the page multiple times since the links didn’t always work.

      Could REALLY use a new macbook as the battery on mine keeps dying. I’m fellow blogger/small business woman and would be lost without my macbook.

      Thanks so much for the opportunity!


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