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With the help of a friendly grocery store, Country Crock was able to share with unsuspecting families the good that happens, when we bake. All that was needed were a few colored pencils, the modern magic of a 3D printer, and the reminder that watching a child’s imagination come to life is one of the special joys of baking together. Don’t miss the original film in the #WhenWeBake series at WhenWeBake.com.
Spring and summer are always the best times for family gatherings. With warm weather and time off from school and work, there seems to be events popping up all over the place! From Mother’s Day celebrations to baby showers to birthday parties, each event is such a great time to get the family together and to make new memories!


This season, we’re spending more time in the kitchen with our family baking and spreading the love – literally! We’re using our favorite new heart shaped cookie cutter to bake special cookies for every event! We’re spreading joy and celebrating family togetherness in the kitchen, around the dinner table, and at all of the great events this season has to offer!

No matter what time of year, baking allows people to come together and to share something truly great. It’s a time to develop skills and to celebrate the people in your life. It’s not just a matter of making cookies for an event though – baking gets people together to share values such as patience, togetherness, and sharing. And that’s what it’s all about!

So much good happens when we bake, and we have so much fun sharing it with others! This season, spread the love by baking heart shaped sugar cookies for every event. Use your favorite cookie dough recipe, or even a mix, and have fun decorating these sweet heart shaped cookies for any event.

And now, with Country Crock®, you have no reason not to head to the kitchen! We’re thrilled to be hosting a sweepstakes for a huge Baking Kit including items to encourage family baking, cooking, and togetherness. Everything from mixing bowls to measuring cups to a rolling pin is included! And the best part? The sweepstakes winner will also have the chance to design their own customized cookie cutter! By submitting a drawing by their child, the winner will receive a custom cookie cutter for the family made from a 3-D printer. How cool is that?

To Enter: Share a story in the comments about spending time as a family in the kitchen or around the table using the #WhenWeBake. Enter anywhere between April 22nd at 12PM EST and April 27th at 12PM EST. Eligible participants must be 18+ and living in the United States to win.

Good luck and happy baking!

For more great baking recipes, visit Country Crock® 

The post was sponsored by Country Crock but all opinions are my own

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    1. Melissa

      My sons (13 and 10) and I like to make homemade goodies such as banana bread or cookies and take them to some of the elderly shut-ins we know. It is fun to bond with them and also teach them valuable life skills (cooking for themselves). #whenwebake

    2. shirley

      I have never cleaned up so much flour as the first times the girls cooked biscuits, there was flour on everything. The biscuits were a little hard on outside and too soft inside, but hubby and I ate every bite. (Honey helped to get them down) From that day on they really did help cook more and do lots better, cooking and cleaning wise. #WhenWeBake

    3. Natalie Lyons

      I always loved when my mom would make us homemade play dough in the kitchen, now I do the same for my 3 boys #WhenWeBake

    4. Rust

      Some of my best memories as a child are learning to make dough for cookies, learning to measure and mix, and learning all about the different tastes and smells of the spices we used in our cajun kitchen. Holidays were magical, as they contained the smells of goodies baking for weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We made and gave away cookies, cakes, candy, and pies. #whenwebake

    5. Shay

      I remember baking desserts with my family during the holidays. When my siblings and I were younger, we probably weren’t much of a help to my mother, but all that practice paid off eventually. #WhenWeBake

    6. D Schmidt

      My Mother is an amazing chef and growing up it as such a bonding experience for her and I. Now #WhenWeBake with my children it brings back lots of fond memories of my own childhood.

    7. Lisa Garner

      My grandma was an amazing cook and I remember holidays filled with so many of her delicious foods. When she passed away my mother inherited her beloved recipe tin. Each year my mother and I would go through that tin every holiday picking out our favorite recipes written in my grandma’s handwriting and my mother taught me how to make each one. Now that I am grown I have inherited the treasured recipe tin and each holiday I spend special time with my children teaching them how to bake those special recipes. We share memories old and new and the recipes never fail to taste wonderful, almost as great as I remember my grandma making them. #WhenWeBake

    8. Annette

      Every year during blackberry season, my neighbor and I would pick buckets and buckets of berries; were around 9 or 10 years old. Then my mother would help us make pies. We did all the mixing, but mom rolled out the dough. Those were the best pies and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Oh and we’re still good friends almost 40 years later.

    9. Ashley

      My mom and I have a tradition since I was 8 years old every year to bake a ton of baked goods and enter them in a local fair, and we still continue this tradition 16 years later! #WhenWeBake

    10. Julee

      #WhenWeBake it’s a time to celebrate family. Most of our recipes have been handed down through generations. It’s a great time to share with my daughters how many hands have made the bread recipe we make (they are the 10th generation)…we talk about what it must have been like over hot coals, without the tools we have. When we make cookies, we are flooded with memories of the same sugar cookie recipe that my mom made for me when I was little, that her mother made for her. My girls love being in the kitchen to hear the stories, to share in the process and to celebrate the love that comes out of the oven and on to the table.


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