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This post brought to you by Soffe. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Best Friends For Frosting.

Here at Best Friends For Frosting, we are all for motivation and the influence of girl power! But recently, we’ve found that something that all girls do has become almost an epidemic and is started to have reverse effects—we’re talking about the #selfie.

As girls, we love to show off when we get look glammed up for a date or when we are wearing our favorite shade of lipstick, but has it gone too far? Selfies are taking over social media and honestly, it’s all we see! What was a fun way to share pictures with our friends has turned into a platform for duck faces and selfies on end. Did you know that over one millions selfies are posted per day? Holy guacamole!

The problem with selfies isn’t the fact that there are too many, it’s the fact that they are no longer providing a positive image for females.  It gives unrealistic expectations. As females, we need to empower and build each other up. Hating on selfies causes lack of self-confidence and makes us see things wrong with our selfies that was never there to begin with. We believe in beauty on the inside and out.  We believe in that our friends and powerful women around us are the ones who encourage and inspire us each day.

One solution to the #selfie epidemic is to go from #selfie to #TheUsProject movement! Soffe brand is making it their mission to end the epidemic and you can help! #TheUsProject is such a fun way to stop the selfies. Instead of a selfie, post pictures with those around who you strengthen, motivate, and encourage you every day to be the best you can be.  

Here is one of our favorite examples above.  It’s a photo from our Best Friends For Frosting holiday party in 2014.  These girls are talented, fierce, amazing and make all the magic at Best Friends For Frosting really go down.  It’s an instant mood uplifter! 

Let’s stop comparing #selfies and instead enlist in #TheUsProject to build each other up! Remember there’s no I in team, let’s make it a group effort to make social media a more beautiful place, not just with selfies, but with beautiful and strong relationships and motivation! 

Don’t forget to tag @BestFriendsForFrosting and use #TheUsProject on your next photos of you and those who build you up—get your camera ready, it’s time to empower!  Select winners of the contest will receive #TheUSProject apparel.

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    1. Jaime

      I LOVE this concept — such an empowering and positive way to switch the focus from self to strength. Also, I am in *love* with those shoes on the far left — the open-toe buckle pumps! Any way you know where they are from?

      Thank you again! #TheUsProject #StrengthNotSelfie


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