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Oh Baby! One of the most fun times for an expecting mother is the decorating of the baby nursery. It gives her a chance to create a space for the baby and design it with fun color pallets, creative patterns, and dreamy decor for the sweet slumbers to come. We are so excited to have an exclusive look into the golden chic baby nursery that Reba Clark of QVC & the Casual Elegance blog designed for her baby girl, Ella! This is the perfect inspiration for all of our mommy-to-be best friends that are looking for some gorgeous and creative ways to design their nursery before the stork arrives!

chic-nursery baby-room

For an ultra chic and vintage baby room vibe- this is the nursery to have! From the gold details to the the antique washed large letter “E”, this room looks like a set up from a baby version of Anthropologie! We are loving the large pops of bright colors scattered through out the room to keep the eye moving. The simple white walls allow for the coral dresser, hot pink baby mobile, and blue color block lamp to really stand out. This is the perfect example of less is more and allowing a few eye catching colors to make the room more playful rather than large, over powering bright walls or carpet.



The large letter “E” makes for the perfect statement piece! Showcasing the first letter of the child’s name is such a trend right now and this large letter brings an extra bit of character to the room without over powering it. This seems like such a playful little corner for baby Ella to play in with the fun basket of toys, a variety of bright colored books, and the hot pink ribbon holding the curtains back to give it that fun and girly essence.

decor gold-stars cute-baby-room

The true star of the show (no pun intended) is the dreamy gold star background behind the crib! This is such a fun design that would be so easy to recreate and wouldn’t be a hassle for the expecting mother to make a DIY project out of! We love how Reba made this the accent wall and only decided to use the stars on this one wall rather than all so that the room doesn’t become overdone. This is truly an effortlessly chic baby nursery that would be so much fun seeing your baby play in with all of the special touches to keep their world exciting. Not to mention, it makes a pretty room to sit and cuddle your sweet baby in!

cute-baby ella-duffy nursery

Photography by Priscilla Millard

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