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You’ve probably noticed we love engaging with our fans and followers. Don’t we all love it when someone comments on our photos or even just presses “like?”  We love to share, and we love it even more when others share with us! Whether you’re in business or simply an Instagram or blog fanatic, connecting with people is important to you–that’s why you’re on social media! Today Gilit Cooper of The Bannerie is sharing some awesome tips with us on how to make our social media connections more meaningful! We love how she personalizes all of her interactions and makes her customers feel special. Check out her great advice on how to genuinely connect with customers:
Let’s start with this really important truth: people want to connect.

The internet makes reaching customers easier than ever, which means that there are more options than ever for someone looking to buy something. The more you can authentically connect with customers, the more likely they are to come to you instead of someone else–and that is a very powerful tool!

Here are my favorite ways to authentically connect with my customers:

Connect: The first one is pretty obvious, but that’s because it’s extremely important. Create an emotional attachment and your customers will keep coming back for more! Social media is perfect for connecting with your customers for two reasons:

1) You can get a little more personal with what you share. You can share behind-the-scenes photos–those pictures that aren’t perfect, but show what it’s really like behind your business.  I am no longer an anonymous, vague shop persona; I am Gilit, and you know me because I share myself on Instagram and other social media. You know that my kids touch all my sparkly letters and that I have off-days. You probably have a lot of the same experiences!

2) Social media is also a very unique platform to have real, personal interactions. My customers leave comments on my Instagram photos and Facebook posts, and I get to talk to them directly. Responding on all platforms whenever I can is extremely important to me.

Listen to your customers: This is tricky because it is a business–and it is your business–but really keep an ear open and know who your market is. When they’re telling you that they like something (#bossbabe) and it’s in line with your brand (very much so!), then bring it in! I know what my “bannerinas” want because of how they respond. My ladies are so boss and like to be reminded of that. I LOVE being their reminder! Chances are, if someone connects with your brand, they probably connect with you and you probably connect with them, so take advantage of that!

Make it personal: Create a personal touch where you can. I thank every person that leaves a review on Etsy because I so appreciate it! That person took time out of their day and made the effort to leave a good review. That means a lot to my brand and a lot to me, so I write a message and say thank you! You have more opportunities to make it personal with the entire brand experience.

Create an experience: Focus on the entire experience, from going to the website (What’s the first thing they see?) to receiving the package. What does the experience of opening the package look like? I like mine to look like a celebration! Try and make every point of contact a positive one, including the last one, which is saying thank you.

Say Thank You: Always, always, always send a thank you card. I used to include a handwritten note with every order that was specific to that customer, sometimes with unsolicited marriage advice for a wedding banner order, or a word of encouragement for that new baby banner. Now that it’s past the point where I am able to do that, I try to sign it somewhere and leave just a little something personal, either on the thank you postcard or on the package itself. I want to make sure the customer knows that she is important. Because she really is!


NAME Gilit Cooper
AGE 29
TITLE Founder and Creative Director
INSTAGRAM @thebannerie

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    1. Emily

      Such a great read written by such a great author. Gilit epitomizes authenticity and kindness. Lots of love!! Xo

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