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Who doesn’t love some good inspiration?! We love talking with stellar bloggers and entrepreneurs from all around as everyone has a unique story that can help push others to succeed. Here providing us with some of her own expert insight is Kim Butler of The White Boardroom. Her tips and tricks are so helpful that we’ve decided to have her join us for her very own four-part series. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on what she has to say!

“When I began doing research on goal setting, I was pretty sure I would find studies and statistics that would back my theories. What I found was so staggering that I questioned why everyone wasn’t practicing this discipline. I began to believe that truly great things were possible if we figured out a way to harness the potential we all have through goal setting.

kim butler pt 1 ,,

Henry David Thoreau says, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

I believe this. I believe it with my whole heart. Too many times we don’t set goals because we aren’t sure exactly what our goals should be, or we have too many ideas to even begin to think about focusing on a few. The problem is that neglecting this practice keeps us from reaching our potential. If we want to reach our potential we can’t let our thoughts, feelings, or fears paralyze us or keep us distracted and without focus. We have to choose to pursue a goal knowing that the process of that pursuit will push us to our potential.

In order to set goals like this, we have to understand our potential. I spent years seeking to understand this for myself. Eventually, it all boiled down to answering two questions. I share them with you in the hopes that they will be enlightening and challenging:

  • Who do you want to be?
  • What impact do you want to make?

kim butler pt 1..

These questions are big asks. It may take time to answer them, but I would encourage you to start somewhere. The answers to these questions must go beyond your circumstances. Regardless of what season or role you are in, you are becoming someone and you are making an impact. It is up to you what that will be.

Our potential lies between what is and what could be. The answers to these questions are a way to keep the end in mind for me, they are what could be if I choose to make decisions in light of that end.

Life is essentially a series of choices, and we can go through life in one of two ways: We can make decisions in the moment and let life happen to us, or we can make decisions with intention that will point us where we want to go. Either way we are going to get somewhere. If we move with intention and keep the end in mind, we will be far more likely to get there. That is what goal setting is about. When we set goals keeping the end in mind, we not only get there but we become someone in the process, and who we are is far more important.”

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