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Gold is totally the new black! It goes with everything and adds the perfect amount of glitz and glam to anything. Back with another fantastic tutorial is Alisha Johns of Lishy Lishy. We love how versatile this project is as you can switch up the colors and prints to make so many amazing options that will perk up your home or office! Read on for Alisha’s tips and step-by-step instructions:


“When I first started my Etsy shop, I was looking for a classic frame to display all of my art prints. I needed a middle ground between flashy gold and simple white, so I designed my own. The gold-dipped frame is a cheerful twist on a classic staple and always gives me just the right amount of sparkle. Follow these steps to make one of your own and to makeover those walls!

DIY Gold Dipped Frame



Plain white frame

Frog painters tape

Kilz adhesion bonding primer

Martha Stewart metallic gold paint

Paint brush

Clear finishing spray



Step 1: Tape


Start by disassembling the white frame. Remove the glass and inserts so that you’re left with the wooden outline. Use the Frog tape to section off a right angle on the bottom left corner. I like my corner to intersect a little over halfway on each side, but the amount of gold can vary based on preference.

Step 2: Prime


Since most frames are sold with a glossy finish, paint is very resistant to adhere. After much sanding and trial and error, I discovered Kilz adhesion bonding primer. Apply one to two coats within the confines of the tape to act as a primer and to prep the surface for the gold.

Step 3: Paint


Once fully dry, apply one to two coats of gold paint on top of the primer. A larger brush will help to eliminate streaking and will produce even brushstrokes across the surface.

Step 4: Finish


After the gold paint has finished drying, very carefully remove the tape. It should have worked wonders, but any little slips or blemishes can be scratched off with an x-acto knife or a thin pair of scissors. You’re now ready to apply a clear finishing spray. Head outside and generously spray on a clear top coat. Pay special attention to the edges where the gold meets the white.

Step 5: Display


When the top coat is completely dry, grab your favorite work of art or photograph and reassemble the frame. It is ready to hang in your space! I love choosing colorful works and mixing the gold dipped frame in with solid colors on a gallery wall to add variety and a whimsical intrigue.”


Photography for Best Friends for Frosting by: Rachel Tokarski | @racheltokarski

Tutorial for Best Friends for Frosting by: Alisha Johns, Lishy Lishy | @alishylishy

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