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Celebrate Notecard

At Best Friends For Frosting HQ, we live by the mantra of celebrating everyday moments! Why should celebrating be limited to birthdays and other joyous holidays when we have something to celebrate everyday?! Heck, why not even stick a sweet reminder on your office desk?! We’ve organized a few of our favorite ways to help you start celebrating everyday like it’s a holiday! (via BFFF)

Jumping in Confetti

Throw some confetti and make it rain! Confetti not only boasts beautifully bright colors, but can be an instant mood lifter. Shower yourself in confetti, you DESERVE it! (via Bekka Palmer)

dainty cupcakes

Have your cupcake, and eat it too! Who says you can’t do both?! Consuming a few festive and fun treats makes any celebration that much better (and tastier, if we do say so ourselves!) (via BFFF

confetti sticks

Share the happiness with those around you by handing out confetti sticks! Easy to make, these little sticks piled high with a glitter and confetti mixture are bursting at the seams  and just waiting to be opened! Not to mention they look simply adorable in a glass jar as tabletop decor. (via BFFF

heart sugar cookies

Show yourself some love by indulging in one (or a few!) of these heart shaped sugar cookies! Remember, this is your time to celebrate, so celebrate it wholehearted! (via BFFF)

How do you celebrate the everyday?!

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