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Standing out in a crowd doesn’t come easy to everyone…in fact, most of us even prefer to blend in! Well, in the professional world, standing out amongst others is usually what sets you apart and creates a bustling business! Today, business expert Jessica Nazarali is here to share some of her wonderful wisdom on how to do just that!

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“Smart entrepreneurs harness the qualities that worked against them in school, and use them to their advantage to make the grade that counts.”


Growing up, you learned to hide your quirks and differences. The key to surviving those awkward years was blending in. Different was certainly never the goal. In the real world, differences are attractive. Particularly as an entrepreneur, standing out is everything for the survival of your fledgling business.

When I first started coaching, I shared professional posts on my blog and social media that were similar to what other coaches were posting. And I didn’t stand out. In fact, I was boring myself, which meant I was boring others too!

Once I started sharing my true self, including my quirks and differences, is when people started paying attention.

Admitting that I follow the Kardashians, I’m allergic to running, and want to earn a big income in part to be able to buy Jimmy Choo heels has grown my following and my business exponentially.

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Until recently, I hid my age. Coaches are supposed to be older, more experienced and carry wisdom that comes with grey hair. I didn’t give myself credit for the fact that I knew what it took to grow an online business from scratch to success. I was too focused on my perceived weakness of being in my 20’s. I also noticed many of my clients and fans doing the same thing.

In school, it was reinforced over and over to hide weaknesses and project strengths. Good at sports? Train more. Get even better. Not good at sports? Drop gym as quickly as possible.

‘Do what you’re already talented at’ is not a recipe for success as an entrepreneur. There are always new things to learn and try, and working on your challenges and showing your vulnerabilities is one of the most authentic ways to connect with potential customers and clients.

Now, being only 27 is part of my unique selling point. And it turns out, there are thousands of young women out there who follow me partially because of my age.

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You know the drill: Finish your education. Get a job. Then what?

That’s just not cutting it for people today. However, taking the leap from the corporate ladder has its challenges also. Because we were told to stay on the straight and narrow career conveyer belt, most of us have no idea what to do when we jump off.

The truth is it’s easier to report to someone else, lack complete decision making power, and have limited responsibility. Why? Because that’s what we learned in school, of course.

Gaining complete creative freedom was an adjustment for both myself and many of my clients. Yet it has also created so many exciting possibilities that never would have happened if I’d stayed on that conveyer belt.

Even failure itself is a possibility. A few months back, I launched a program that I expected to be a smash success. It wasn’t. Interest dwindled.

Rather than feeling like a complete failure, I knew I had to make changes. I tweaked, I researched, and I figured out what wasn’t working. Not only did I turn the program around and into a success, I shared my story and I had an overwhelming response from fans who were inspired to do the same.

That’s not how it’s supposed to happen – taking challenges, weaknesses, and differences, and using them to build a business that is real and authentic – but it sure feels a lot better off the conveyer belt!”

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