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It’s always refreshing to speak with a business owner whose biggest goal is turning their passion into the foundation of their business, right?!  With limitless options for consumers, finding loyal customers and “brand ambassadors” can be a little tricky. Well, here to help up with a few of her successful business tips is Carmen Taylor Rogge,  Owner & Creative Director of The Flair Exchange. We just adore her shop and love her thoughts on creating a better business!

“In today’s internet climate, we’re inundated with ads and requests to buy, like, tweet, buy, pin, double tap, etc. As a business owner, how could you possibly stand out from the crowd!? Today, I’m sharing our philosophy on the customer experience and how it can help your business shine amongst others.

The business of experiences really starts in our studio and with our team. We know how precious our time is and that acute awareness dictates our workflow and how we operate on a day-to-day basis. We choose to work smart and efficiently so that our time in the studio is well spent. Being efficient at work means more time off to travel the world, explore new hobbies, and the ability to live an enriching life. This emphatic desire to experience life can be seen in every aspect of our business, from the products we sell to what we pin on Pinterest.

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A great customer experience isn’t just about products, packaging and follow up emails. It’s about believing in something and sticking to it – in everything you do. Belief gives you purpose, grounds you, and gives you something to fall back on when you get confused. The belief doesn’t have to be earth shattering, but it must be true to you and your business. We believe in celebrating, sharing moments and making memories. The things that really matter in life can’t be purchased, and we truly believe that, despite being a business that sells products. It takes a lot of introspection and many deliberate actions to create this kind of business environment.

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Below are the four main avenues we utilize to facilitate memory making and experiences for our customers. While these are specific to The Flair Exchange, they can be applied to any business.

Free Stuff: We create a ton of FREE content. This comes in the form of DIYs, Printables and Tutorials. We realize not everyone is going to complete a purchase with us, but we still want to provide value to those non-purchasing customers.


Creating Community: We partner with other businesses and help promote the wonderful things they are doing. We realize not everyone will find our products to be a match made in heaven, so we’ve made it our monthly goal to partner with other businesses and promote their goods through Instagram giveaways. We put the spotlight on another business for an entire week. It’s about creating a community that purchasing and non-purchasing customers can belong to.

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Promoting Experiences: We create environments that promote experiences and activities instead of just purchasing. This is most evident via our Pinterest boards. It’s our goal to create environments, through pinning, that gives customers ideas on what to do, where to go, things to make, desserts to bake, places to see, and so on.


It’s Not All About Us: We get really involved in our customer’s celebrations. You’ll notice that our signature hashtag #confettisays isn’t blatantly about our products. We did this for a few reasons, but mostly because we wanted to convey a message of “we’re partying with you” and celebrating the great things in your life. After all, it’s about experiences, not products.

Keep up with The Flair Exchange via Instagram (@theflairexchange) for more behind the scenes sneak peeks and join our community.”

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Photography by: Amalie Orrange

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