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Whether you are just starting your first blog or have had one for years, getting your blog noticed is always a necessity. This is way easier said than done, though, we’ve been there! It’s not as simple as one may think. Putting yourself and your brand out there can be scary and overwhelming! Luckily, Kelley Lilien of Mrs. Lilien is here today to share four ways to get your blog noticed. The successful woman with seven years of blogging experience has some amazing advice that you will definitely want to follow! Check out what Kelley has to say below:



If you’re ambitious enough to start a blog these days amongst the squillions that already exist, the one way to shine the brightest is to be authentic and consistent with your point of view! Everyone is born with a certain swerve and eventually you hone your edge. Whether it be your humorously dry wittiness, your DIY-till-ya-DIE skill set, or your Fashion-fueled stealthiness, take it and RUN WITH IT! There’s a LOT of competition, but don’t let that deter you. If you’ve got something to contribute then shout it from the rooftops… people WILL listen!

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Just because we’re all ‘online’ doesn’t mean we can’t be social!! Give praise when praise is due, comment on blogs, instagram, tweet, heck… host an online ‘Meet & Greet!’ Consistently re-gram, re-post, link back, tag, mention, go the extra mile. You WILL get noticed. As long as you keep it tasteful, and not creeper-ista, the alliances and friendships that you can forge will aide in paving your glittering path to internet stardom!

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Newcomers have a tendency to set the bar unbelievably high and in turn, exhibit a certain kind of ‘standoffish’ aire. This, no matter what, will always come back and bite you in the booty! Sure there’s a razor sharpness + boldness about being mysterious, elevated, and outspoken, but ultimately people want to also be able to connect with you. When they first began (back in the dark ages), blogs were online logs and journals – a place in space where you could collect and document your thoughts as if it were one of those adorable little chincy journals with a brass lock and a flimsy key. Injecting moments of your REAL life (whether good, bad or ugly) will make you human and relatable. After doing this nearly 7 years, I’ve come to learn this myself. In the beginning, I loved being incredibly anonymous, PRIVATE, illusive. It was safe, it was easy. As the years went by, I began to realize that what people really wanted was to get acquainted with who this ‘MRS’ really was. Looking back, it was terrifying, but sitting here present day I can ‘scouts honor’ say that opening up has been extremely fulfilling, liberating and met with open + supportive arms.



Because, if YOU don’t, no one else will either. If you overtask yourself, and set ‘have-to’s’ that are unrealistic for your life, it will break you and that will show. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! The earth won’t stop rotating if you miss a day. Posting, just to post, is the same thing as shoving something down your mouth as you run out the door. Make time for what is important, and when you respect your time + the content that you are putting out, those days here and there that you miss a post won’t matter. It’s quality that counts the most. Sure, consistency helps, but it’s not worth your sanity or beating yourself up about it. The joy is in the juice… When you have the time it takes, your gilded cup of genius will effortlessly runneth over. The goodness that you produce can last a few days if need be.

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by: Annie Groves

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    1. Kristen

      Thank you for these tips! I am a fellow blogger who is attempting to expand my reach and grow my network – and it’s a tall order! But I love this game of blogging more and more each day, so I don’t see this ending any time soon :) I appreciate all the advice and input – and wow, especially the tip about staying true to yourself. There is nothing that makes me burn out faster than when I see something that someone else is doing and try to incorporate that into my own blogging. So silly. That’s when I usually go have a snack. xo


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