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The pineapple trend is so much fun! No matter how you are incorporating it into your life, it’s an easy way to add a bright and happy feel to the everyday. Take your love of pineapples to the next level with the help of Kara Whitten of Kailo Chic! She is sharing her DIY pineapple potted plant tutorial with us today and we are seriously loving it. This adorable and fun planter is perfect for your front yard, backyard, balcony, or even your living room! This versatile planter is also the perfect way to add some color to a gloomy day (or season). Check out Kara’s tutorial below!


“The pineapple trend is alive and strong. Why not kick your love of pineapples up a notch and create your very own pineapple planter with none other than a pineapple plant in it! The process is simpler than you think and in no time you can have your own pineapple plant growing in your house or backyard in its very own DIY pineapple pot.




  • Yellow spray paint
  • A dark gray or black Sharpie marker
  • Plain cylindrical pot (make sure to get at least a 1′ in diameter pot because the pineapple plant will grow much larger than it looks here in the beginning)
  • Potting soil
  • A fresh pineapple from the grocery store.




    1. Begin by painting your pot with the yellow spray paint. If you want to get more realistic look, you can lightly go over the yellow spray paint with a dusting of light green spray paint. I left the inside of my pot the original color because I liked the contrast, but feel free to coat in the inside of the pot with paint as well.


  • Once the pot has been painted and is dry, it is time to draw your pineapple lines. Using your Sharpie or other paint marker, start by drawing diagonal lines from the top of the pot to the bottom and about 1″ apart. After you have covered the pot with this first set of lines, come back and draw lines at a diagonal going the opposite way to create the diamond shaped pineapple body.



  • Now that your pot is complete, take your store bought pineapple, grab the top leaves at the base where it connects to the pineapple body and twist until the greens pop off. You will now begin to remove the small leaves at the base of the top to expose the roots. Continue to remove the leaves until about an inch of stem with roots is exposed.



  • Fill your pot with potting soil and plant your pineapple top into the soil making sure the roots are covered. You will want to keep the soil moist for several weeks until the new roots take hold. The old leaves will wither and the pineapple plant will look like it is dying at first, but as soon as the roots take hold, your plant will get new life and start to grow new leaves from the center.



Keep in mind that pineapple is a tropical plant, so it likes moisture and to be kept warm. Feel free to move your pot outdoors for the summer, but when the weather starts to chill, move your plant indoors next to a window. In about a year or two your plant may even sprout a new baby pineapple for you to enjoy! How fun!”

Tutorial and Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by: Kara Whitten, Kailo Chic

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