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Not all of us were born with perfect skin and finding the right products can get overwhelming & expensive! Lucky for us, beauty expert Kelsey of A Balancing Peach is giving us a breakdown of what we need to splurge on and what we can skip for our skin routine. With an insane amount of products to choose from, we could not be happier to have Kelsey with us today to help narrow down what we need to keep our skin healthy, fresh, and beautiful! Read on below for her go-to skincare products:


“Good skin shouldn’t have to mean expensive skin, but with every new product out there comes a new (and typically higher) price tag than the last. I know I am often shocked at how much I can and so spend on my skin. For those of us who were not blessed with perfect skin, knowing when and where to invest for your skin is key!

The Everyday Makeup

If you plan on wearing makeup everyday, get ready to invest in products that won’t aggravate your skin. If you have dry, sensitive skin, look for makeup with soothing moisturizing properties. BB creams are great products to turn towards since they offer more skin nourishing ingredients than other foundations; however, more and more companies are offering more options like bareMinerals’ new Serum Foundation for lightweight, healthy coverage.

For oilier, sensitive skin, turn towards powdered, and even more importantly, mineralized powder makeups. These products help keep skin clear of oil clogging debris and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Powdered products equally help soak up any excess oil that builds throughout the day.


Makeup Primer

A primer is almost as essential as your everyday makeup. So many products contain silica – an ingredient known for creating a smooth, glass-like finish on skin, but also an ingredient that “chokes” your beautiful skin. Your skin needs to breathe throughout the day and with a product containing silica, it can get easily irritated and clogged. If your primer does contain silica, no need to immediately toss it, but make sure to find one without the glossy ingredient for your everyday use.


A Good Exfoliator

Unfortunately, a good exfoliator typically comes with a heavier price tag. Any drugstore contains endless options for exfoliators, but these are typically going to be more abrasive than helpful for your skin. I suggest shielding your eyes from the price tags of exfoliators like Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant (quite literally an at-home microderm!) or from gentle chemical exfoliators like Ole Henricksen’s Invigorating Night Gel. They are pricey, but don’t punish your skin with too harsh beads or other harmful gimmicks.


Night Cream

Quite literally, the answer to stressed out and sleep deprived skin is a reparative night cream. When you sleep, it’s your body’s chance to recuperate and the same goes for your skin. I’ve spent up to $80 on one night cream (ouch!), but there are more budget friendly-isn items out there. Look for ones packed with hyaluronic acid – an ingredient known for its nourishing abilities without bogging down your pores. CeraVe Night Cream is an extremely budget friendly option that you can find on almost every drugstore shelf, packed with the moisture locking ingredient.

I know skincare is not the most fun thing to break the bank on, but do your research, ask your friends, pour over beauty blogger suggestions and you can find products that are easily worth their price tags.

xo Kelsey

A Balancing Peach”

Photography and Styling for Best Friends For Frosting by: Kelsey, A Balancing Peach

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