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We can’t deny it, we are huge coffee lovers here at BFFF! We love every type of coffee and have one or two (okay, sometimes three!) cups a day. If you’re just like us, you are going to be ecstatic for who we have for you today! Melanie Porter of Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar is teaching us how to make a pour-over coffee and giving us her own recipe for the perfect cup. Pour-over coffee is amazing because it allows you to get a single cup of perfect coffee every time! Check out Melanie’s tips and recipe below:


“What is the purpose of a pour-over? Why should you make a cup a coffee by hand when it takes almost as long to brew as an entire pot? We get these questions a lot. The pour-over method is brilliant because it allows you to enjoy a personal cup of coffee with a smoother texture and brighter taste. It brings out the unique flavors each coffee has to offer. Pour-overs don’t require expensive equipment, and you have more control over each input, including the quality of your coffee beans! We’ve chosen the Beehouse Dripper as our pour-over method because it is a simple process that guarantees a great cup of coffee every time.”













  • Beehouse Dripper (Large)
  • Hario Buono kettle
  • Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Timer
  • Scale
  • Size 2 paper filter
  • 12 oz. mug
  • 26-32g Freshly roasted, whole bean coffee (Pro tip: try a local roaster!)
  • Boiling water (between 185-200 degrees)


  1. Weigh out whole bean coffee and grind on a “fine” setting (Pro Tip: grinds should be finer than a drip setting, but courser than espresso). Set aside.
  2. Fill Buono Kettle with boiling water.
  3. Set Beehouse dripper on top of mug.
  4. Set the paper filter inside the Beehouse dripper and saturate the empty filter with boiling water.
  5. Empty water from your now warm mug. Set dripper with filter back on top of mug.
  6. Pour freshly ground coffee into the center of the wet paper filter, and shake to flatten the bed (this allows for a more even pour).
  7. Start timer, and slowly pour the boiling water for 5 seconds, completely saturating the grounds. Stop pour before water begins to drip into your mug.
  8. Pro tip: Let the coffee sit and “bloom” for ~30 seconds – if the coffee is freshly roasted, it will grow slightly and have a strong aroma.  The better the bloom, the more even the dispersion, which makes for a better cup!
  9. Starting in the center, pour slowly in an outward circular motion until the coffee reaches the brim of the filter (timer should be around 45 seconds when finished with first full pour). Let coffee drip into mug.
  10. At 1:15 seconds, complete a second, identical pour, to the brim of the cup.
  11. Let the coffee drip until cup is full – timer should be between 2:30-3 minutes when finished.
  12. Sip & savor every last drop!


Photography by: Maritha Mae Photography
Coffee: Klatch coffee // Klatch Roasting
Dripper: Beehouse Dripper // Klatch Roasting
Kettle: Mario Buono Kettle // Klatch Roasting
Coffee filters: #2 Coffee Filters // Klatch Roasting

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