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From starting DIY projects for fun to turning her love for creativity into a successful career, Laurel Stavros of A Bubbly Life knows how to do it! With a huge blog, craft workshops, a partnership with Darby Smart, and two cute kiddos at home, Laurel is one seriously busy woman. We are incredibly excited to have her on BFFF today to share some insight with us! If you are in need of inspiration, she has some great advice for craft lovers and entrepreneurs. Check out how Laurel got started, where she finds her own inspiration, and what she sees in her future below.

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We are loving reading your blog, A Bubbly Life!  How did you get your start in the blogging world?

Thank you so much!  I started the blog as a side project after my first daughter was born.  I had wanted a blog to pursue my creative leanings for years and never did it. Having my daughter made me want to do all the things I said I would do and I was unhappy with my career; which did not seem to be a way to be a positive example for her.  I wanted to be a role model for her. I did not intend for it to turn into much, it was just a hobby and as it started to take off, I quit my job and now stay at home with my 2 girls and blog.  It’s been a wonderful journey!

You post incredibly chic DIY projects that would make any home or office stand out!  How do you find ideas?

It is really hard to pinpoint how I get ideas.  I find inspiration everywhere- pinterest, nature, colors, textures…   Also, many ideas are born out of necessity- I need/want something in the house & decide to create it versus buying it.


What’s one crafty failure that makes you laugh out loud now?

I am sooooo clumsy, so I have a lot of fails.  One failure that sticks out in my mind is more a person fail versus a craft fail. I brought my DIY reindeer cake plate to a holiday craft workshop and I did not want it to break, so I held it in my hand instead of putting it in a box with all the craft supplies.  Getting out of the car, the door shut on the cake plate while I was holding it.  Miraculously, it was a very clean break and I was able to re-glue it once I got inside! I then dropped it on the table and broke the plate and reindeer antlers! I bought another reindeer that week and made a new one because I loved it so much.

You teamed up with Darby Smart to sell DIY kits based on your blog posts which we think looks so much fun to try (we are dying over the Faux Marble Planter!). How did the idea to turn your projects into sellable DIY kits come up?

Darby Smart is such a great way for readers to get all the materials for a project at once and be able to do it at home. I have sent materials to readers before when they could not find it in their location and Darby Smart’s business model is the perfect solution. Readers may want to do a project but maybe they need to go to two stores it get all the materials. This way they get everything they need sent to them- so much easier!

A Bubbly Life has some incredibly fun and colorful images throughout!  Do you do your own photography?  Any tips you’ve learned that may help other bloggers amp up their photography game?

Thank you! I do all my photography with the exception of a party here and there.  I have come a long way from when I first started blogging (don’t look, ha!) and have a lot to learn still.  My best advice would be to force yourself to shoot in manual to learn your camera well.  Shoot in natural lighting and practice, practice, practice!  Editing is also important and can brighten a photo, sharpen it, and you can get rid of a baby’s hand that might have crawled into the shot ;)

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You recently started a new series called The Creative Entrepreneur!  What do you hope your readers walk away with after reading?

I wanted to offer my readers and other entrepreneurs more on A Bubbly Life than just DIYs.  I have 12 years of business leadership experience and want to share my experiences as well as other entrepreneurs’ experiences so we can all grow and expand our blogs and/or other creative ventures. I think bloggers tend to be under appreciated and underpaid, and I really want that to change!

On top of running your blog, you also run crafting workshops in your home state of Arizona.  How did the workshops come about?  How does a typical workshop run?

I started doing them at my local West Elm when they needed a crafty person around the holidays and I enjoyed them so much- I wanted to start my own! I love doing craft workshops and meeting and talking to other creatives. A typical workshop is 2-4 hours long, we do a DIY together, chat and snack, and there is always a fun swag bag ;)


What are some of your favorite crafty materials to work with?

Copper pipe and marble are my favorites for home DIYS.  Confetti is a favorite for crafty, party DIYs. And I pretty much cannot do anything without glue. I think of myself as a non-technical, non-complicated DIYer and try to make everything super easy- glue is essential for that!

Favorite places to stock up on crafty supplies?

Darby Smart, Michaels, and I find loads of stuff at the thrift store & my local fabric shop.


What do you hope to see in the future for A Bubbly Life?

I want to invest more time on The Creative Entrepreneur posts and become a resource for bloggers starting out or anyone looking for business tips.  I absolutely love what I do.  I love creating.  And, as long as A Bubbly Life provides me the outlet to share my creations with readers, I will be very happy.

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by: Laurel Stavros, A Bubbly Life

Disco Ball Succulent Planter // DIY Glitter Pills

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