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What if there was a place where passionate, talented, inspiring women could connect with other likeminded women? A place where women could support one another’s ideas and talents? Enter GirlTalk: which is as much a movement as it is an event. Doesn’t that sound amazing?!? Today Founder and Creator of GirlTalk Sarah Pendric is here to tell us more about her inspiring nonprofit organisation:

1. Sarah, can you tell us about GirlTalk?

I am so excited to talk to you girls as GirlTalk is all about women supporting and empowering each other. And congrats on all your success as well! GirlTalk is a platform and place that any woman could go to no matter what stage they are in their life. A place that we can all meet other likeminded women and have fun, be empowered, supported with positive vibes surrounding us! GirlTalk creates events that are not only beautiful and inspiring but that bring women together.

2. When you were starting GirlTalk, how did you overcome obstacles during the creative process?

I knew what I wanted GirlTalk to be. Some days it came so clear and then other days it was hard to focus on the creative process with everything else there was to do. Starting out so small as we all know is hard. But the ideas and passion I felt when going through the creative process just took over, and once I hit the ground running I haven’t turned back! I think when you have an idea and you’re working on something you are deeply passionate about that passion trumps any obstacles.

3. What inspired you to create such a fantastic idea? And, how did you turn your dream into a reality?

Women can be so hard on themselves and we all need a sisterhood. Think about how powerful just one women can be and then when you get us all together on the same team, that’s when the real magic happens. My dream of creating a platform like this became real when I put together an event surrounded by women supporting each other and I saw how many women truly believed and wanted to be a part of this. That was amazing to see this sisterhood building and women from all over coming together!

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4. Can you tell us what a typical GirlTalk LA event looks like? Anything new this year that may have not been a part of events in the past?

Our events will always be focused on women supporting women and giving back to the community. At GirlTalk LA events you are guaranteed to feel supported and inspired. We introduce our attendees to captivating speakers so they can learn their tips and tricks and we have fun! We have SO many new things coming up that I just cannot wait to share!

5. Who has been your all time inspiration?

Women are my inspiration. We are so powerful and some of us don’t even know it or even worse don’t believe it. That inspires me to help in anyway I can, to let every woman know how truly amazing and powerful she is in your own skin. I grew up around incredible women, my family and my childhood girlfriends are all very creative, strong and kind women. They all continue to inspire me everyday. And what is super exciting is two of these childhood friends are joining me as GirlTalk’s women empowerment speakers for our Connect+Inspire event!

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6. Any tips and tricks to women looking for inspiration and motivation to become an entrepreneur?

Most importantly, DO YOU but always be kind. Don’t let anyone’s opinion stop you from trying or going for what you want. It’s also so important not to take anything personal or let others negatively affect your goals. If you have an idea just got for it and remember to stay true to those who helped you get your idea off the ground. Don’t be afraid of failure because everything that happens really does happen for a reason. It’s so crazy to think back to something that you thought failed but when you think about it now it really lead you to where you are supposed to be. I think we can all think back to a a time we felt like that, right?

7. What is your favorite part about being a nonprofit organization?

My favorite part is that we all get to join together and help to change people’s lives. I love the people that I meet and all the different brands I get to work with that have a true and real passion to give back as well. It is so inspiring to see people that genuinely want to get involved and help.

8. Where do you see your business GirlTalk in the future?

Oh wow.. Let me see…I have so many plans for GirlTalk, so many opportunities out there! I see us doing nationwide events and touring to spread our movement and help all women in anyway that we can.

9. Can you tell us how someone could get involved in GirlTalk?

I would love as many women as possible to be involved. Anyone can visit our website and contact us about getting involved. There are so many different ways to be involved, there’s a lot launching and we will be having an ambassador program soon, which I am super excited about!

10. Where do you go for inspiration for your business?

Honestly, just life experiences and talking to people. But more importantly, listening….really listening. So many women have so much to say and not enough people are listening. I see a need for so many things everyday and I do my best to incorporate that into GirlTalk.


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