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If you’re anything like us, moving house is right at the top of your “Things I’d Gladly Never Do Again” list, right underneath going to the dentist. Well today we’re here with some good news: we’ve cracked the secret to pain-free home relocation, so read on to learn how you too can move house like a #boss.

Start Decluttering Early

Moving home is the perfect time to ditch those items you’ve been hoarding for all these years. Yes, we’re talking about those shoes you haven’t worn in over 12 months, that dress you bought on sale last year and never worn, not to mention all of the out-of-date items in your bathroom cabinet and pantry.

Trust us, there’s no better feeling that clearing clutter and starting fresh in a new house, dorm or apartment. Start with your closet, making sure to put aside any items in good condition that can go to charity.

Next it’s time to move to the pantry and bathroom. Warning: you’re probably going to shocked by the amount of expired food and medicine you’ve been keeping in your cupboards for all these years.

Bypass Memory Lane

So you just discovered your prom dress, childhood photos or your teenage diary. Now isn’t the time to take a trip down memory lane. Wrap everything up safely and pack it in a box. You can spend hours reading your 13 year old self’s cringe-worthy scribbles once you’re settled into your new home.

Have Plenty of Supplies on Hand

In the two weeks leading up to you move start organizing your packing supplies. That’s boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, markers, labels, tape and scissors. Search online for a local packing box supplier who buys back any boxes you don’t use. You don’t want to be racing to the stores on moving day trying to gather extra supplies.

Book a cleaner for the day after

Fact: everyone underestimates how long it takes to move out of a house. In order to clean, companies require your house to be completely empty. Avoid the stress by booking your cleaner for the day after your move (and not the afternoon of moving day). Sometimes things just don’t go to plan, so if your house isn’t vacated on time, you won’t have cleaners waiting around.

Give Your Furniture the Flick

Yes, you read right. It’s time to say “goodbye” to that outdated furniture of yours. Think about it this way: is it really worth your time, money and effort to transport that couch you inherited from grandma or the side table you’ve had since college across the country? Do you really want to carry that heavy wooden wardrobe up 3 flights of stairs on a 100 degree day? And when you get there, struggle to make it fit in your new space? Of course not.

Enter your new home’s bff: CORT Furniture Rental.  Book online and their team of expert designers will select furniture for your space.  What a perfect opportunity to ​rent furniture for your unique taste and space. They’ll even set it all up in your house ready for your arrival, so all you have to do is walk in, unpack your wardrobe and appliances and start decorating. Now, how easy is that?

With fashion and technology changing so quickly, it’s easy for your furniture to look outdated or become nonfunctional. With CORT’s furniture solutions you’re guaranteed to have a beautifully styled home full of pieces you love. Then, when you’re ready to leave, they’ll come pick it up for you.

Pack an Overnight Bag

After a big day of moving, it may take you a couple of days to organize your life, unpack your things and settle into your new space. Pack an overnight bag with your daily essentials such as your toiletries, gym gear and work clothes. It’ll save you from searching through all of your boxes when you’re rushing out the door on Monday morning.

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