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Looking for your newest favorite DIY project? Add this one to your list! We’re thrilled to have Deborah McDonald of B Vintage sharing this awesome tutorial on making a quoted tea towel. Make a few with your absolute favorite sayings and display them in your kitchen!

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I love having cute quotes throughout my home. Incorporating a pillow or chalkboard, with a lovely saying that brightens your day when you walk in the room, can offer so much cheer.  It’s a great way to add a touch of the holidays or a bit of personality to each space. I wanted to try something new and make a quoted tea towel for the kitchen. This DIY was a bit time consuming but the end result was SO worth it. Enjoy!

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  • Lint Free Flour Sack Towels (Can purchase at Michael’s or Wal-Mart)
  • Small paint brush and a sponge applicator
  • Stencil
  • Cardboard piece approximately 12” x 12”
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint (I used Country Chic Chalk Paint in Licorice, but any black acrylic paint would work)


1. Begin with your stencil; I cut my own using a Silhouette Cameo. However, you can have one custom-made from any number of Etsy sites or your local print shop for an affordable price. You can also use the individual Martha Stewart alphabet stencils, although this choice will require a lot more work and measuring to ensure that the spacing is correct between the words and letters.  If you have your own Cameo or if you decide to have a custom stencil made, the font type used was the SNF Miss Molly and the overall size of the wording was approx. 9” high and 7” wide.

2. Once you have your stencil ready, you will need to find the display area you are going to use on the towel for the quote. With a 29” wide towel, measure inward 9” on each of the sides and mark with the painters tape. This will leave a 10” area in the middle for the stencil. The height of the towel was 28”,  so mark the 14” point in the middle with tape as well. This gives you the area to center your stencil in.

3. Now place your towel onto the cardboard, lining up the bottom of the towel with the bottom of the cardboard and then fold the edges of the towel over the sides of cardboard to help stop the towel from moving during the paint application. Place your stencil in the center of the taped off area and tape it in place using the painters tape, make sure to place tape on all four sides so the stencil does not move.

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4. Now you can begin to paint your towel. ALWAYS blot the end of your paintbrush before touching the brush to the fabric. This is very important because if you have too much paint on your brush or sponge, the paint will run or bleed under the stencil. It’s better to go back for paint more times then to have an error you can’t fix! Apply the paint in even strokes and if there is a spot that the brush isn’t connecting with don’t panic, you can go back after you remove the stencil and fill in these areas.

5. After you have your first coat of paint on, allow the towel to dry for about half an hour. Apply a second coat. Once again, allow the paint to dry for approximately half an hour. Now you can slowly begin to peel off the stencil, after you have removed the tape. Check if there are any spots that need to be filled in or that requires more paint and apply accordingly. Let the last paint touch ups dry for another half hour and there you have it! Fold the towel to feature the quote and hang in a favorite location.

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