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When it comes to following the latest trends, taking risks, and pushing the limits, MACCS is perfect for the girl who loves to “live the good life.” Defined on their website as the girl who’s on board with wearing pretty much anything leopard print and living it up, any number of us may just be MACCS girl! Today, we’re thrilled to hear all about the launch of the MACCS brand in Vancouver, Canada, photographed by Blush Photography. Read on to learn more about this gorgeous brand and how founder, Tessa Garcia Consejo took it to the top!

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How would you define MACCS?

MACCS is a Vancouver designed line that has the perfect hint of Australian vibes. MACCS is meant for the confident, creative,  romantic, and adventurous bringing whimsical styles with gorgeous details.

MACCS style is inspired by Australian fashion, what inspired you to base your business on this fashion inspiration?

I think I just fell in love with their lifestyle and the way they brand their products – it’s so inspiring and they always seem to be on point! I wanted to bring that sense to Vancouver – the whole premise of MACCS has always been to bring something different to Vancouver and to Canada.


How would you describe your personal style?

My style definitely changes with my mood. I could feel very boho one day and a little more glam the next. I love waking up and getting to mix up my look with how I feel that day – it’s always fun playing around with different pieces!

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Who has been your biggest inspiration?

I don’t know that I could pinpoint one person, but I think just women in business in general. It’s always empowering and invigorating having a great conversation with a fellow entrepreneur. I think it’s so important to lift each other up and support each other in our ventures. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to create a great circle for myself, full of inspiring and supportive women. Pinterest also helps as well.


What can we expect when MACCS label comes out?

We will be opening with three styles – the Elle playsuit, Chloé playsuit, and Harlow maxi dress. All three pieces fit beautifully together and have a relaxed chicness to them. When we created our opening collection we really wanted to make sure everything was perfect and one of our values is to find beauty in the details – whether that be adding pockets, snaps, or picking the perfect fabric for the piece.

Can you describe the process from turning a retail store into a label?

Well we’re still sort of in the middle of the transition. Starting MACCS as a retail store was probably one of the best things we could have done because it helped us get a sense of what girls loved and the perseverance it takes working in retail. I’m excited to watch the transition unfold and grow MACCS the label.

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What has been your favorite part about expanding your business?

I think just really getting to test myself and get creative. I’m currently working on Spring 2017 and it really feels like I’m a kid in a candy store piecing together ideas and getting inspired. I’m excited to grow the label and focus on making it something really great.

How do you see your business inspiring women around the world?

I think any female entrepreneur is a wealth of inspiration. I’ve always looked to women in business to draw inspiration and I hope my story can do the same for women just getting started on their journey.

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What 3 items from your closet you can’t live without?

Well the Chloé playsuit, Elle playsuit, and Harlow dress of course!

What is next for MACCS after the new label launches?

We’re going to focus on making one of a kind gorgeous pieces made for the modern free spirit. We’re currently working on Spring 2017 and I can’t wait to share the amazing pieces we have in store!


Photography by Blush Photography

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