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There’s no denying that Bryanne is a powerhouse. As the founder of BLND Public Relations, she counts lifestyle and tech brands such as SnapChat, What’s App? and Soul Cycle as her clients. We recently chatted to Bryanne about her success and we’re thrilled to share with you her killer tips for landing your dream job.

Going after the job of your dreams can be a daunting task, particularly when you know you have competition. Outside from having a pristine resume, tailored cover letter, and winning portfolio, here are some intangible qualities that are equally as important — if not more — to set you apart from others and to help land your dream job.



This is so cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason. The number one advantage you can have among your competitors are the connections you have (or make) and how you choose to utilize them. Join clubs, sororities, attend professional and social events—cultivate relationships and experiences for yourself while following the trail and possible leads to your dream job. Most individuals miss opportunities because they feel uncomfortable reaching out to their professional and personal networks. Don’t be. Network, and don’t look back.


Be Fearless:

If there is anything I want readers to take away from this: be fearless. If you’re living in your comfort zone, you’re not learning, growing, or becoming the person you want to be. Being comfortable means you know your strengths and you’re unwilling to push yourself forward to move up. Being uncomfortable means you are shining light on your weaknesses and growing from them. Continue to build those strengths while expanding and improving your areas of weaknesses. Challenge yourself. Have a public-speaking phobia? Enroll in a public speaking class. Take every opportunity to speak in front of crowds. Start with small crowds and eventually make your way to a larger audience. Great at followership, but afraid of leadership? Volunteer to take the lead for small projects or team events. Even if it means you’re volunteering to plan your best friends birthday or bachelorette party. You become a more well-rounded, versatile human being and worker.


Don’t Get Distracted:

As you pave your way towards your dream job, you’ll often find yourself standing in front of obstacles and forked roads. It’s easy to get distracted, particularly when you see potential in other areas. But it’s important to never settle for anything less. Before I started my own PR business, I was tempted with a lucrative offer from Google, but I understood my passion and commitment to kick-start my own business and that’s exactly what I did.

Manifest Your Dreams: Once you’ve set your eyes on the prize, consume it. All of it. Eat it, drink it, dream it, dance with it, breathe it, live it, wear it. When you incorporate your dream into every aspect of your life, every decision and idea created will take you one step closer to your dream job.

Make it happen: Instant gratification is unlikely. But that’s okay, because success takes its time. The important piece is to never give up and continue to go after your dream job. The little decisions you make every day will create the life you want to have — from the way that you portray yourself physically and mentally, to the connections you make or build upon — soon enough you’ll find yourself in the shoes you always imagined yourself to be in.


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