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DIY Flamingo Cocktail Napkins

We get to see a lot of incredibly cute DIYs, and these flamingo napkins are definitely no exception. This darling pink project would make the perfect gift for a baby shower, housewarming, or kitchen tea for a bride-to-be.

Today Marianela from Love Vividly is with us to share one of her super fun DIYs. Best of all, you can recreate this one at home in just 4 simple steps:

How to create DIY Flamingo Cocktail Napkins at home

What cuter way to DIY a cocktail napkin than with flamingos and pom-poms!? These napkins are great to use at your own fiestas, as well as a gift for the hostess with the mostest!


  •  White Linen Cocktail Napkins
  • Flamingo Pattern Free Printable (download it here)
  • Ink Jet Transfer Paper
  • Mini White Pom-Pom Trim
  • Iron
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

DIY Flamingo Cocktail Napkins– What You Need

DIY Flamingo Cocktail Napkins | BFFF


1. Print out the flamingo pattern printable onto your ink jet transfer paper.

2. Measure the size of your napkin to determine how big to cut out the printable; I chose to cut them so that they would iron on to the middle of the napkin. Once measured, cut out the pattern.

DIY Flamingo Cocktail Napkins | Step 2-1DIY Flamingo Cocktail Napkins | Step 2-2

DIY Flamingo Cocktail Napkins | Step 2-3

3. Following the instructions on the package of your transfer paper, iron your cut out printable onto the linen napkins. Be sure to let them cool for at least 2 minutes before peeling the transfer paper off.

DIY Flamingo Cocktail Napkins | Step 3

4. Flip the cocktail napkin over to its backside and using the hot glue gun, glue the pom-pom trim around the border of the napkin.

DIY Flamingo Cocktail Napkins | Step 4

Once glue has dried, flip the napkin back over and it is ready for use! These napkins are adorable, and so fun and simple to make! I’ll definitely be using these napkins on the daily. Now the question is—what is your favorite cocktail to go with these napkins?

DIY Flamingo Cocktail Napkins. Recreate these at home in just 4 simple steps.

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