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We just couldn’t help but fall in love with the home (and that blue sofa!) of Erika Carlock from Shop Hesby. Her modern abode is filled with brightly colored pillows, a jungle of indoor plants, and personal vintage touches. Today she shows us around her house and shares her tips for creating your own dream space.


When it comes to your own home, what inspires the décor you choose?

A blend of nature, travel, and the eras of the past. I’ve always loved mid-century modern design and the concept to connect the indoors with the outdoors so that they flow together to create the space. My home is like a jungle filled with clean lines, bright hues, and vintage finds.

How would you describe your design style?

California modern with a minimalist twist and lots of color. Think 1970s Palm Springs meets urban jungle.


After touring your home, we fell in love. Can you tell us a few of your favorite home décor items?

Currently loving the mid-century-style blue sofa and bright colorful shag wool rug. Some forever favorites: the sailor painting above the bar cart that I snagged at the flea market for $5, a vintage Wham-EE bar tool with a little guy that winks at you, and a framed print of hotel Le Negresco that I took while in the Côte d’Azur. It was a trip that really inspired me. The ocean was the most delicate shade of bright blue that inspired the upholstery for our couch.

What interior designers speak to you the most?

Jonathan Adler’s work, like The Parker in Palm Springs, is a huge inspiration. Emily Henderson gets color like no other, and I love Emily Chalmers. But my favorite part about the connected time that we live in is how so many artists design beautiful interiors and share them with the world. I’m always psyched to check out the latest Lonny and Rue magazine and see all of the inspiring home tours from makers and business owners.


Can you give us any tips and tricks for us looking to update our home?

Start with a fresh canvas and add only the pieces that mean the most to you and make the biggest impact. Clutter can happen all too fast, and storage can be a huge buzz kill, so stick to the most vital, striking pieces, and tuck away your unsightly necessities in a pretty textured basket or behind the doors of a vintage credenza. When you’re updating a room 1) choose a consistent color palette 2) pick all of the items that work together before buying them so that you don’t end up with mismatched pieces 3) and then top it all off with a unique vintage piece you discover at a flea market. Oh, and lots and lots of candles.

What does the creative process look like when decorating your home?

I usually start with a Pinterest board of ideas and color palettes, and then start hunting for pieces that I really love. I usually pick the statement pieces first, and then build out the details from there. It’s important that everything is either useful or beautiful – hopefully both!


What’s your favorite part about creating a beautiful space?

All of the final details that go into making a harmonious space! Once I get to the endpoints of adding things like wall art, styling tabletops, and bringing out the charming tchotchkes, I get really giddy and turn into a kid in a candy shop.


What’s the story behind Hesby? How did it all start?

Out of passion for home decor, good design, and color. I spent countless hours digging for decor I loved and felt like there wasn’t really a one-stop shop for bohemian modern decor. I’ve been collecting home decor since I was a teenager, and it felt like a natural progression to open my own shop and share these beautiful handmade pieces I hunt for with others.

Where do you see your business going in the next 5 years?

I’d love to expand the product line to be an all-encompassing, one-stop shop for your home, and open a retail shop in LA!

Any advice for women wanting to be their own boss?

Make the jump! Find a way to make something you love doing your main gig. Even though I work long hours, it doesn’t feel so much like work; it’s play. Everything else falls into place once you surround yourself with the things you love.


Photography: Esther Sun


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