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Melissa johnson family best friends for frosting

Crosby Stills & Nash says it best: “Time is a gift, not a loan.” That quote has definitely made me do A LOT of thinking lately on how I spend my time. Whether it be with my family, friends, business, or whatever else… I wholeheartedly realize life’s rich and priceless value from both ends of the spectrum. Whatever way we slice it or dice it, when you carve out time for someone else, you’re mutually giving someone a snapshot of your life that you will never get back. Sorry to get totally deep on you, but what an honorable opportunity!

melissa johnson family best friends for frosting

Time is precious, and it’s so important to make every day count – whether it’s just being in the moment or leaving blank spaces on your calendar to create time to be spontaneous. Don’t worry about having to go all out or wait for a special occasion to do something fun. Opportunities and memories can be created in your own home or just a few steps away from your front door!

melissa johnson family best friends for frosting photo shoot

It gives me chills to think that one day, I am going to look back, and having little ones is going to be such a joyful memory in my heart. Life is so good, and I want to re-live these times on repeat- including Charlie’s impromptu robot dances smack in the middle of a photoshoot. ;)  I don’t want this chapter to end. It gives creating a life you love a whole new meaning!

I know I can’t hang on to this chapter forever, so in reality what I really want is to be able to look back on this chapter and say to myself, “Dang, we did a heck of a good job!” Doing a good job means so much more than just getting through the ordinary day to day grind. Sure, those things matter, but I am looking at the bigger picture. I want my kids to have as many belly laughs, crumbs everywhere, spontaneous outings to the drive-through or ice cream shop, and just plain, silly fun as possible!

Thinking back on that quote – “Time is a gift, not a loan” – I threw together this quick list of some of our favorite ways to have spontaneous fun around here. I mean, we only live once, right?!

Simple & Spontaneous Ways to Create Memories with your Little Ones:

  1. Go to the Movies or Drive-In – Load your car or purse up with all of the favorite snacks (come on, we’re all guilty of this from time to time), and carve out some time to see a family flick!
  2. Hang out Poolside – Grab your favorite snacks or whatever is hanging out in your fridge, turn on some music, and hang out by the swimming pool. Bust out the squirt guns and make a splash!
  3. Make a Recipe – Charlie loves finding recipes in his Highlights magazines he subscribes to (remember those?!). From smoothies to soups to cupcakes to a mean PB&J, we’ve had our fair share of memories created in the kitchen. I’ve noticed kids really just love the dumping and mixing process of a recipe. Can you blame them?!
  4. Go to the Library –  We live within walking distance of a library, so we’ve become regulars.  We go at least once a week. We love checking out books or even spreading out on the floor and reading a handful of fun books! I’ll take any excuse to get out of the house with the kids!
  5. Blast Music while Driving Around the Neighborhood –  It’s a fun way to turn the ordinary into extraordinary! ;)  Most recently, Charlie and I blasted ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’, ‘Ice Ice Baby’, and the Ninja Turtles theme song while driving to grab ice cream. It’s just another fun way to turn the daily grind into a party!
  6. Spontaneously go to Disneyland – Full disclosure, we have not spontaneously done this yet….though I almost did the other day. ;)  We went last year, but it was fully planned out months in advance. This is one thing I do hope to randomly do soon. If you do it first, let me know how it goes!
  7. Picnic Time – We love throwing PB&Js into the basket and going to the park. Sometimes we’ll bring extra bread for the ducks and peanuts for the squirrels.
  8. Get in on Local Fun –  Around Sacramento, we have fun spots like the zoo and amusements parks. Two words: why not?!
  9. Random Acts of Joy – It brings me so much joy to bring joy to others. Charlie and I have done random acts of joy from surprising my mother in-law (before she retired) at work with Starbucks to surprising my mom with flowers.
  10. Family Night at Home –  We love ordering a pizza or throwing together a simple dinner, busting out the games, and even watching a movie.

What are some of the things you do while spending time with your loved ones? Tell me all about the spontaneous things you’ve come up with to have fun!  PS. Need a daily reminder?  Download our free iPhone wallpaper.


Photography for Best Friends for Frosting by Two Twenty Photos,  Makeup by Taryn Passifione and Hair by Emily Scott.

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