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I may or may not have been grinding my teeth when it was time for Charlie to start Kindergarten in 2015. No, that totally was not a type-o. ;) Charlie was technically supposed to start Kindergarten last year as he had just turned 5 only weeks before the official cut-off date. But I just couldn’t do it, guys! I felt in my heart of hearts that he was not ready. He just needed one more year! Okay, maybe WE just needed one more year. You know what I mean!
Here’s the thing, Charlie was a normal developing 5-year-old who met the state’s Kindergarten age requirements.  He even went to preschool for 3 years prior… But as his mom, I truly felt he was not ready. So I hit up my friends Google and Siri and did some major research. As I did more and more research about delaying Charlie’s Kindergarten year, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who had this type of intuition and felt this way. I started having conversations with trusted friends and family in the education industry (including my mother in-law who was a 1st grade school teacher for 20+ years – Hi Barbara). I was so relieved to find trusted studies from sources like Stanford who did research to prove my fears and concerns were legit. I love Standford’s article that shares their Study Found Improved Self-Regulation in Kindergartners who Waited a Year to Enroll.  
So when the 2015 school year approached, I hit the breaks with all my might and made the choice to keep Charlie in pre-school for one extra year. I am so so so so (all the extra “so”s are sooo necessary) thankful that I did. During that year, he was able to process and learn to color in the lines, hold a pencil still, count to 100, identify letters and numbers, and so much more. He literally grew as a person (physically and mentally).  He also got even sillier than he already was – yeah, we’re pretty silly around here!
As Charlie is now in Kindergarten, I have been doing a lot of looking back at my decision. I can wholeheartedly tell you it was one of the BEST choices I have made for Charlie. He’s currently on his 4th week of Kindergarten and already working on sight words, writing, and more. I just could NOT ever imagine him being ready for all of this last year.  So if you’re struggling too, just remember to listen to your heart!  You know your child better than anyone else.  Oh and one tip either way-  Whenever you do decide to have your child start Kindergarten, it will be a bright and magical day that you will not want to wear mascara to! ;)


Photography for Best Friends for Frosting by Two Twenty Photos.

Makeup by Taryn Passifione and Hair by Emily Scott.

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