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I know you’re probably in shock since we’re posting something that is not pink for once. ;) I know I am a little surprised myself! It’s been a while since our last food recipe post, and I felt like we needed some fresh farm
toforkinspired content. I absolutely love roasting vegetables in the oven – anything from Brussels sprouts and broccoli to zucchini and cauliflower… you name it! Over the weekend, Andy and I made this incredibly easy appetizer for a dinner party we were hosting. I could not leave it alone! It was actually a little embarrassing how I couldn’t stop going for 5ths and 6ths! ;) I told Andy that we had to bring this recipe to the blog so we can share the fun! It’s too good! This is definitely going in my go-to recipe folder.


Reason number one why I love this recipe so much is because roasting cauliflower adds a dimension of charred caramelized flavor. It makes regular cauliflower feel a bit more fancy! Reason number two is because this whipped cream cheese dip pairs so well with roasted cauliflower. As the base of the dip, we used Philadelphia Cream Cheese, which is made with fresh milk, real cream and no preservatives – nothing else tastes like it!


This dip offers such a fantastic burst of flavor! It’s a total game-changer. It’s so easy to make, and serves as such a great go-to recipe for casual dinner parties and other get-togethers. Did I
mention it was a crowd-pleaser?!? I know I am sort of obsessed!



Serves 8

-whole head of cauliflower, leaves removed

-olive oil

-sea salt

Whipped Herb Cream Cheese Spread:

-8oz brick Philadelphia Cream Cheese, softened

-1/4 cup diced chives

-1/3 cup heavy cream

-2 tablespoons olive oil

-1/2 cup feta cheese



  1. Preheat your oven to 475°. Bring a pot of salt water to boil (should taste really salty, like the sea). Add cauliflower and simmer for 15 minutes. Drain cauliflower and coat with olive oil and season with additional salt. Roast for 30 minutes or until charred and golden brown.
  2. While your cauliflower is in the oven, blend feta, cream cheese, heavy cream, herbs, and oil in a food processor until smooth. Drizzle cauliflower with additional olive oil and sea salt, and serve cauliflower whole with cream cheese dip. (Leave a knife for guests to easily remove cauliflower florets)

For all of your entertaining needs, turn to Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Always have it on hand to create fun appetizers and desserts that pop. I had a great time developing my roasted cauliflower with cream cheese dip for a dinner party with friends. For more creamy, delicious recipe ideas, click here.


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