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This post is sponsored by Seedling. All opinions, images, and ideas are my own.
I have a confession. Even though I primarily focus on creating a lot of DIY content for BFFF, I don’t make a ton of crafts with Charlie. We do them here and there, but between soccer, school, homework, play dates, and holding down the fort, sometimes craft time can take the back burner.
Recently, I saw a friend on Facebook post about a company called Seedling, which sends you craft projects with all of the supplies needed! Basically the ideas and concepts are already thought out, the supplies are picked out, and everything is sent to you in one box! Hello simplicity! Count me in!
I found this Circle of Life Drum Kit inspired by Disney’s The Lion King– something we’re totally familiar with. I just love the fresh, exciting way that these crafts invite little ones to dream and design with the stories you know and love. I ordered this kit right away, and I ended up getting it just days later. Perfect timing! Charlie and I spent Friday evening going to town on this easy project. We had so much fun! The kit came with a cardboard drum, paints, faux suede, and more to create your own tom-tom drum. Everything was included in one neat little package!
Literally it’s just, create, paint, and make some music! I love the fact that Charlie can bring elements from his favorite movies alive, all while enhancing his creativity. It was so wonderful to pick out a great craft with everything included, instead of spending hours coming up with ideas and shopping for supplies. I think I already do a lot of that. ;) Such a win!
-Seedling Circle of Life Drum Kit
1. Remove the drum top and paint from the kit.
2. Mask off the sides of the drum with tape to get clean lines.
3. Use the provided stencil to paint various designs on the drum. Get creative with your designs!
4. Let the paint dry for at least a few hours.
5. Put the drum top back on, and align the drum skins on the top and bottom.
6. Tie a knot on one side of the string and thread through the hole in the drum skin.
7. Alternate putting the string in from top to bottom and pull tight each time until all holes in drum skin are tied down.
8. Tie off last hole with another knot and cut remaining string off.
9. If you’re feeling really creative, then paint the drumsticks any desired color!


Photography for Best Friends for Frosting by Two Twenty Photos

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