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When you have a little one, it’s so easy to feel like you need EVERYTHING under the sun, when in reality there are just a few key things that you absolutely need. When I had Charlie, I definitely overbought and over-registered. With Claire, I had a much better idea of what I wanted and what she needed (wink). It’s always easier the second time around, right?!

I gotta tell you though, even the second time around with Claire, there were still several things I bought that I totally kicked myself for. It’s so easy to get caught up in amazing marketing and to think you need it all. But today, I’m excited to tell you that I’ve cut out the hard work for you. I have over-spent and over-registered for my past 2 little ones and have now made a short list that you can tuck away – perfect for baby shower gifts or even for your own little. Use this post as a source for the official low down on my top 5 key larger items that I would buy all over again if I were to have a third child. This is the list I would give my best friend in the whole wide world. This list is tried and true and as honest as it gets. No fluff. The real deal. And full disclosure, I didn’t include super basic things on this list that were clearly obvious like bottles or clothes. We’re talking some of the bigger items that I figured most people go back and forth on or are unsure about.


BOB Stroller – The BOB Stroller is #1 on the list. When I had Charlie (6 years ago), I originally registered for a Graco stroller, and I very quickly realized that it was not the best fit for us. I love taking neighborhood walks and going out and about. I first heard about the BOB Stroller from my cousin in LA (who just had their little one) and my mom bought it for us as a surprise. It was as smooth as butter. I used this BOB for years and years and years. When Claire was born, I continued to use this same BOB stroller. But shortly after I found out about the new BOB strollers they had released, I couldn’t wait to get a new one. I ended up getting the BOB Revolution Flex Stroller. I love it! My old one was orange, so I was ready for a color change this time around too. I got the Black Revolution Flex BOB. WOW! I loved my old one, but I am still over the moon excited about all the cool features on this new one.


Boppy Pillow –  Boppy Pillows are a must in my book. I successfully used one with both Charlie and Claire. It was a lifesaver when breast feeding. When they were ready to hold their own bottles, it made life so easy to put them in their Boppy Pillow so they could stay propped up and hold their head up while drinking. I love how there are so many options on the tag showing how the Boppy can be helpful to your little one throughout new milestones – for example, tummy time, etc.  All in all, if I had a 3rd or a 4th or a 5th (just kidding) I would totally get a Boppy again.


Rock and Play – True blue story! I actually never had one of these when I had Charlie. These have had a lot more hype on the market over the past couple of years. I first heard about this when reading a review for a bassinet on Amazon. I clicked over to check it out and it had such rave reviews that seemed tried and true. My cousin continuously posted about loving hers on Facebook, so I decided to give it a whirl. I added it to my baby registry, and it was one of the first things bought and shipped to me. This was one of the most loved items I have ever received. Things get a little bit foggy with mama brain, but I was so excited about it that I couldn’t forget even if I had tried. :)  PS. Love the vibrating option. Claire used it to sleep in. It was easy to pack up in the car and take to the grandparent’s house as well. It’s kind of like a baby hammock.


Kate Spade Diaper Bag – When I had Charlie I had a bulky Skip Hop diaper bag, but I didn’t use it for long. When I had Claire, I went against getting a diaper bag. I just kept throwing everything in one of those cloth reusable grocery bags or an oversized purse. I know, so embarrassing. I thought diaper bags were overrated. But over the first 6 months, I quickly became frustrated with everything constantly falling out or somehow forgetting something.  A friend (who has NO kids) recently came over and was using a diaper bag as a purse. I asked her if I could try it on and could not believe how well the straps gripped to my shoulder. She confided that she uses it for traveling with her laptop through airports and even as a purse. I was sold when I realized it made everything feel so feather light and especially the way the straps were like glue to my shoulder. My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner.


Baby Swing – This swing has been an absolute lifesaver. I love how they now make the swings recline further back for safety issues. Whenever Claire could not get to sleep or needed some extra help dozing off (and I was too tired to rock her) this swing calmed her. I love how it has a spinning mobile on top and plays soothing sounds like nature or lullabies. Such a win! We literally used this swing until she was sitting up and nearly fell out of it. I know, we clearly used it too long. I actually had to persuade Andy to let me cut ties with it. If I could do it all over again and again, I would say it was worth every single penny and then some. This swing is it!


Freshly Picked Moccasins – Okay, so the truth is, I’ve only had Claire wear these for photo shoots. But when she wears them, she normally is so excited that they come off and she sticks them in her mouth. ;) But, I am in-love with having a go-to pair to have as a “baby’s first shoe” keepsake. Now that she’s finally 10-months-old and learning how to walk, she is really enjoying wearing these adorable moccasins. I have no doubt they will be our go-to shoes for many years to come. It’s no wonder they’ve taken every baby picture ever posted on Instagram by storm. ;)

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