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I can hardly believe how crazy busy things have been over here. We’re talking about a totally full swing kind of busy! Between running a household, running a business, and getting ready for the holidays (our busiest season ever), and of course taking time to soak in the every day, I can wholeheartedly tell you it’s been a wild year.

A lot of friends have asked about my daily routine during work days, so I thought this would be a fun opportunity to dive right in. Some days we have photo shoots, while most days we’re in the home office running ship. And some days I feel so exhausted I have absolutely no idea how I am going to get through the day, but somehow, I make it happen! Every day is truly different, but here is a basic re-cap of the normal day to day grind for me.

5 AM : Wake up and feed Claire –  Claire goes back to sleep shortly, and I quickly get ready for the day.


6 AM : Quick breakfast for me (my turn) and coffee (of course)! I try to make a point to treat myself to Starbucks a couple times a week, but most days, it’s so hard for me to budget in the time. I am more of a Keurig kind of girl, because you can just pop in the pod and be ready to rock within seconds. So I am sure you can only imagine my excitement when I got word that Starbucks released the new Starbucks®Caffe Latte K-Cups® in the best flavors! Seriously, whether you’re a mocha, vanilla, or caramel lover these new K- Cup flavors will bring you the creamy tasty of a latte right from your Keurig. I am hooked!


7 AM : Andy holds down the fort with Claire and Charlie while I boogie to work. Our team arrives and we have a quick morning debrief on the priorities and tasks to tackle for the day / week over a cup of coffee. It always makes me feel great to have a quick re-cap. We have a Keurig machine right in the office too if anyone needs a pick me up! ;)

8 – 11 AM : Work, work, work. It’s normally cleaning out our inboxes. We receive hundreds of emails a day. It takes us extra long because we’re nurturing relationships at the same time. The emails vary so much. Everything from brand partnerships, team members, and product development to press and operational tasks. Who would have thought that a blog could have so many administrative tasks?!


11 AM  : Phew, after all the emails are answered, one of us is diving into social media strategy and getting caught up.

12 PM : Off work for the day. I am a firm believer that I am more productive on a 5 hour shift versus an 8 hour shift. Being completely honest, I sort of turn into a zombie after being on a computer for so many hours. Trust me, I do have days that I’ve worked 12 hours solid while being on photo shoots or meeting deadlines, but the norm for me is busting things out within 5 hours.



12:30 PM : Tag, Andy’s it. Andy and I literally tag one another regarding who is with the kids and who is working on BFFF. I have lunch and pick up Charlie from school. Andy is working on a variety of tasks including business development, SEO, tech stuff, recipe development, and some of the photography too.


1-4 PM : I am with the kids doing activities like reading, games, homework, or outings.  I absolutely LOVE this part of the day.

5 PM : Andy is off work for the day. Between the 2 of us, we put in 10 hours per day on the business. Either Andy or I make dinner. Sometimes we’ll grab take out.

6 PM : We normally have wind down time. This includes giving the kids baths, story time, and relaxation. I try to tone down the media because it rials Charlie up.

8 – 9 PM : The kids are FINALLY asleep. I normally fall asleep within 5 minutes of my head hitting the pillow. Andy is a night owl and stays up and watches his shows. I have to be conscious to squeeze in some me time. The only time I normally get that is when I have my morning coffee or if it’s scheduled in for the most part.  What’s your daily grind? Is mine a little wacky?

Stir, Sip, Enjoy. Signature Starbucks® latte flavors, now available in a K-Cup®


Photography for Best Friends for Frosting by Two Twenty Photos

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