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You know when New Year’s creeps up on you, and you have a huge list of goals, and you’re like… I totally got this!! But sometimes, I feel like the pressure of the new year makes me fall off the bandwagon fast. So I am trying something a little different this year! I have decided to get the party started a month early; kind of like a pre-game on New Year’s resolutions!

My top goal of 2017 is to embrace healthy habits in order to feel better! I also want to lose weight, but the reasoning is not just to look good. I have a couple of health issues that losing weight could wipe out completely. I now realize more than ever how essential healthy eating and exercising is for our overall well-being.

When mapping out a game plan to simplify this process, I fell in-love with the NutriBullet LEAN™ 7-Day Transformation Plan for an entire list of reasons! Here’s the scoop: I am a busy mom of 2 running a business, so what I needed was something that was as simple as possible to help me keep myself in line. Things with too many bells and whistles just stress me out, so this was the perfect solution for me. Psst. Check out my Before & After Photo below!




As this plan has already changed my life leaps and bounds in just weeks, I have been over the moon excited to share this post with you. As a matter in fact, I am so in-love with this system that I bought my dad one, who is the hardest person ever to shop for at Christmas. I am basically going to write this post as if I am describing this product to my dad (Hi Dad – see, if you read my blog you would have found out early what you were getting for Christmas!) ;)

NutriBullet gives you the 7-Day Transformational Plan book to get started, which is a lifesaver! It’s a tried and true plan that is already laid out for you. The book is filled with simple and quick recipes to throw in your mixer. It also gives you shopping lists and tips to set you up for success (no failing over here).

The key to unlocking the Weight Loss Code is the 60-second LEAN™ Blast, a delicious, drinkable superfood meal that tells your body it’s time to stop storing the fat. And it’s so easy because the code is on the cup! Simply add your ingredients according to the directions on the cup, and you know you are getting exactly the right foods in the right amounts to stop storing fat. You’ll enjoy 2 LEAN™ Blasts a day!

Another amazing thing that helped set me up for maximum success is the Portion Perfect Meals plate – a plate that is portion sized and tells you exactly how much meat, veggies, etc. to include.

And of course, their LEAN™ Boost makes it even easier to build the Weight Loss Code! This 3-in-1 powerhouse packs plant-based protein, natural metabolism boosters, and fiber – enabling you to stay fuller longer with each NutriBullet LEAN™ Blast smoothie on the plan!  No cookies over here! ;)

Super exciting – to help you with your efforts, there’s the NutriBullet LEAN™ App and website with articles, recipes, and answers to any questions you might have on your LEAN™ journey.
The app helps you:

  • Plan your LEAN™ Blasts and Portion Perfect meals
  • Grocery shop with a custom grocery lists based on your meal selections
  • Track your activity levels
  • Record your weight loss progress

As I have done this for 14 days and have worked out while incorporating this new secret weapon into my life, I have already lost 6 pounds and feel AMAZING! I think just having something so simple that is telling me exactly what to do and buy, makes this such a piece of cake. If you’re like me and feeling like you just need that big extra push and a simplified strategy to get your next big break on eating healthy and sticking with it, this is a game changer!! You can purchase your own NutriBullet LEAN™  and receive 25% off the price by using the code LIVE LEAN!

And of course, if you decide to take the plunge, please send me an email or leave a comment to tell me how this is working out for you! I am SO hyped up about this that I just can hardly wait to hear how it goes for you! Especially when it comes to big changes like this – we all need a little support on our journeys!

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2017? Tell me in the comments for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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This sweepstakes runs from 11/21/16-12/31/16.

Be sure to visit the NutriBullet Page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!



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      1. Melissa Johnson

        Thank you! That way I am prepared once the holidays roll around and don’t use them as an excuse to overeat. (I admit I might sneak an extra cookie or two still! ;)

    1. mami2jcn

      I’d like to drop the baby weight in 2017. My daughter is 1 now and I still wear maternity clothes!

      mami2jcn at gmail dot com

    2. jalapenomama

      My 2017 resolution is to reduce saturated fats.
      thank you

      barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

    3. Julie Wood

      My New Year’s Resolution is to eat healthy and have more healthy smoothies and make sure to walk 5 days a week!

    4. Julie Wood


    5. Stephanie Phelps

      I am going to cut out carbs and start walking more in the New Year! my4boysand1 at gmail dot com

        1. Stephanie Phelps

          Oh for sure and it will be a challenge. I may not be able to cut them out completely but I am cut them way down. I am a pasta, rice and potato girl.

    6. Natalie

      My resolution is to lose 5 pounds and eat at least 6 servings of fruits and veggies a day. yarbr012 at gmail dot com

    7. Carolina

      To be more mindful with the way I make decisions for my well-being, at the end of the day it’s all about choice, so 2017 is the reset year for healthier living for me. :)

    8. Shari @ Savvy Every Day

      I have a bunch of resolutions! I def want to live healthier and be more centered. I’m also planning on refining my business to streamlines some things, cut the excess and make more time for family.

        1. Shari @ Savvy Every Day

          I have a lifestyle site for parents but I spend too many hours on things I probably shouldn’t. With a new baby coming in February plus moving and the kiddo changing schools I’m going to need to streamline a ton . . . I just need to figure out how and focus on doing it lol.

          1. Melissa Johnson

            You are such a busy gal! I can totally relate. It can be difficult running your own business while being a mama bear at the same time. One of my tips for getting work done is NOT working from home. I usually have a set time each week I go to Starbucks and get as much done as possible, then when I’m back at home I’m in mommy mode. :) Wishing you so much luck and an amazing holiday season!

    9. kelly

      My resolution is to eat healthy and exercise more each week. I was doing really well a couple of years ago, but I got out of my routine.

    10. Elle

      I don’t make resolutions.. if you have to wait until Jan 1st to do something, it won’t last. If you want a change, start today!

      prettyinhotpink6 at gmail dot com

    11. LAMusing

      I don’t do “resolutions” but I am trying to add more fruits and veggies and want to lose 15 pounds.

    12. JessieC

      I am going to keep up with my exercise regime and train for my next marathon.
      tcarolinep at gmail dot com

    13. Rebecca W

      I plan to keep up with regular workouts at the gym. I also want to eat more salads and less carbs.

    14. Susan Smith

      My New Years resolution is to loose 30 pounds and get to my goal weight.

      s2s2 at cox dot net

    15. Angie

      To make sure I enjoy two smoothies everyday for my snacks! they keep me full and the weight slowly starts to come down. An added benefit, I am getting my daily intake of fruits n veggies ;)

    16. alas3lads

      I want to have a more healthy lifestyle for myself and my family — make healthier meals, more exercise, less tv/computer time, etc.

    17. Tabathia

      To be healthier and to do thing that ensure my wellbeing and happiness

      tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

    18. Kristen

      My New Years resolution is to reach out to friends and family who I haven’t seen in too long and try to reconnect.

        1. Kristen

          I keep thinking about what “they” say….that you feel more regret for the things you DON’T do, than those you did do, so….I think any result could only be positive!

    19. Chrissy R.

      My primary goal is to be more thankful for what I have and try to worry less! I’d also like to eat more veggies and have already signed up for at least one olympic triathlon!

    20. melissa

      My new years resolutions are a few. I want to spend more valuable time with my family. I nearly lost my dad last year and I want to make our time special always so there won’t be any regrets! I want to make sure I’m in Gods word daily and I have a goal to lose 40 more lbs. I’ve already lost 16 since I started a month ago!

        1. melissa

          I nearly lost him, he had an aorta dissection! He should have died, the head of cardio thoracic said he had never seen such a mess! He didn’t think he’d make it off the table. God was so good to us and he made it! He is doing a lot of stuff on his own too. My dad and I. I’m so lucky to still have him. This is just 2 months after his emergency surgery.


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