So every single year in January, I create a top secret brand “mood board” as a refresher of where I would like to see the BFFF brand go. But here’s the thing, I make the board private and send an invite by email to all of our team members because for some reason, it’s supposed to be this big old secret. This board gives us all a fresh perspective without getting too caught up in the current content we’re producing. But today I am changing up the game! I have NO secrets. There is nothing to hold back. Today I am sharing my ALL time FAVORITE content on the internet right now. We’re talking the content where, if I had a magic wand, I would say “That’s genius, I wish I created this!” Full disclosure: while it’s easy to get inspired by other bloggers, I find inspiration in so many areas of my current life and past memories. Whether it be my childhood, toys, stickers, products, experiences, my mind is constantly ticking for the next big thing! I hope these photos brighten your day as much as they have brightened mine! =)

As house hunting has been what seems like a never winning battle for us, I am constantly dreaming of ways to re-do our bedroom! This guest bedroom revamp (via Sugar & Cloth) feels like the perfect staycation!

These have oranges, so they’re healthy right?! Orange and pink have never looked cuter together! (via Paper & Stitch)

A flamingo pool float cake?! This went viral for SO many reasons!!! (via Aww Sam)

Had to slip one of my favorites from BFFF’s 2016 content. These sprinkled cinnamon rolls make the ultimate sleepover treat!  (via Best Friends For Frosting)

These take candy bark to a whole new level of fun!  (via Sugar & Cloth)

Who else is proudly “guilty” of pinning this image 20 times or more?! ME TOO! It’s perfection! (via A Beautiful Mess)

And speaking of ABM, this entry way is pure heaven! I talked a while back about how Andy and I put our first offer on a home just because of this specific home tour! (via A Beautiful Mess)

Take me to Palm Springs ALREADY!! Love the hot pink pop of color on this Mid-Centry modern home. (via Design Darling)

Emily Ley is a branding genius! I am obsessed with the color palette and design of this office.(via Emily Ley and Style Me Pretty)

I was so sad Old Navy SOLD OUT of these gold star pajamas! Obsessed with the entire color palette of this shot! (via Gal Meets Glam)

The most perfect shade of pink balloons!! Love the clean white wall! (via Cake and Confetti)

Tessa Sam is one of my fave people on the whole internet. Sprinkles folded into frosting is pure perfection! (via Sweet Bake Shop)

Love the gray and pink color palette and lifestyle feel of this shot! (via Southern Curls and Pearls)

I love how the multiple shades of blue are color blocking. Kate is one of my newest fave bloggers added to my personal reads! (via Lonestar Southern)

Pink Flamingo Decorated cookies that look ultra chic! Love the fondant feathers too! (via Style Me Pretty)

From the nails to the backdrop to the drink, it’s all on point and it’s so good! (via Random Acts of Pastel)

This snap by Kelly made my 2016 mood board! I am nearly sure this palm leaf / pineapple entertainment setting is timeless as it’s just not getting old. (via Studio DIY)

I LOVE these fondant pastel decorated XO cookies (via Hello Naomi). These inspired the XO Wall banner I made for Valentine’s Day this year!

Pink balloons every day please!!! (via Studio DIY)

I’ve been working on my capsule wardrobe. This pin takes the cake for sure! I can’t find the original source for the life of me. If anyone knows, please drop me a comment. In the mean time, via Pinterest.

Sugar & Charm is one of my favorite blogs! Not only does Eden look like a young Sarah Jessica Parker but she creates amazing recipes and DIY projects like these painted heart cookies!!! (via Sugar and Charm)

It’s true! I can’t stop talking about Elsie’s NEW pad. It’s giving me some serious house fever! (via A Beautiful Mess)

It’s been months, and I am still obsessed! Love the simplicity of this fondant pineapple cake. Pure genius! (via The Cake Blog)

This was the first time I ever worked with my friend Tra! We threw around a ton of random products from Claire’s nursery and knocked out this shoot. I love the variety of colors in this shot. Multiple shades of blues are really growing on me this year!  (via Best Friends For Frosting)

And one more close up of Emily’s studio shelf. I love the branding aspect of this, the colors, and the personal touches. Perfection… I mean Grace! ;) (via Emily Ley and Style Me Pretty)

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