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by TwoTwentyPhotos.com
Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all of you! I hope you had the most amazing day with your loved ones! I am still over-the-moon excited about my new tassel earrings and the fact that our team was able to all get together to celebrate Valentine’s Day!!  ;) Did anyone else catch the silliness on our Instagram Story?
by TwoTwentyPhotos.com
One of our latest team traditions is getting together in a setting outside of “work.” Last time we all got together, our theme was “On Wednesdays we wear pink“!! I knew I had to one it up with another fun theme, so for Valentine’s Day we chose “Cake For Breakfast.” I’m totally not kidding you guys! ;) We went to Rick’s Dessert Diner, which has more than 20 different types of cakes that you can order by the slice!! We got to Rick’s bright and early at 10 AM and literally had the whole shop to ourselves.
by TwoTwentyPhotos.com
Growing our team locally in Sacramento has been such an exciting move for me and the brand!  Over the past 7 years, BFFF was comprised of a remote team that was based nationwide. We would have Google Hangouts, but I felt like we could never accomplish the list of goals I’ve always envisioned for this brand. While we still have 3 remaining team members in different states, the core of our team resides right here in Sunny Sacramento! Just the fact that we can be goofy and listen to Britney Spears all in one room is still a pinch-me moment! I plan on adding a “Team Page” by this summer so you can get to know everyone better. Pictured left to right: our Photographer Tra, Creative Content Developer Kim, Me, and our Operations Director Alexandria! More details on their roles soon, but let me start by telling you, I could NEVER run this blog with the same level of growth and content if it was not for our team!
by TwoTwentyPhotos.com
And of course, we were all so thrilled Andy could come to the party too! Andy works on the tech side of the business along with food photography. I was so thankful my mom could babysit the kids while he joined us! Charlie planned on coming but changed his mind at the very last minute! We were also missing our Editor Molly, Graphic Designer Kaitlyn, and Randi of Sugar Euphoria, who we just started a collaborative party cake series with. It takes a village to run a blog. I promise, I will do another post in the near future explaining how our team runs behind the scenes soon. Words cannot describe how incredibly thankful I am!
by TwoTwentyPhotos.com
by TwoTwentyPhotos.com
by TwoTwentyPhotos.com
by TwoTwentyPhotos.com
by TwoTwentyPhotos.com
I already cannot wait for our next get together? Anyone have suggestions for themes or locations? PS. Wishing each and every one of you could come too!


Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Two Twenty Photos

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    1. EverydayElevated

      Love the behind-the-scenes so much, especially since you guys are based in Sacramento! Rick’s Diner is definitely a go to place for a special/great time! I’m trying to think of other ideas for your next gathering! :)

      PS Loving the pink tassel earrings! Such a lovely way to add some fun to an outfit.



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