How I Got Andy To Finally Wear His Wedding Ring!

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I have a confession! Andy and I have been married for 7 years, and he’s NEVER consistently worn his wedding ring. It’s not like I didn’t get him one, because I totally did! ;) He had a whole running list of why it didn’t work for him: it hurt his finger, it was hard to adjust to, it turned his finger different colors, he couldn’t remember to put it on. I tried to buy him another one, but it was the same round of reasons of being uncomfortable and before I knew it, I gave up. My parents have been married for over 40 years, but my dad never consistently wore his wedding ring growing up so it didn’t phase me the way it may phase others. All I knew was that I needed to wear my wedding ring every day as that’s the same example my mom set for me. ;)

But let’s rewind for one second here. I did go against the grain for a minute there. Please don’t think I am a horrible wife. I hit a point of frustration a few years back and decided not to wear my ring for 2 weeks to show him how it made me feel. If he was really upset about it, I would have put it right back on, but it didn’t phase him a whole lot. But the joke went right back on me! ;) It was all good fun until the clerk at the grocery store hit on me!!! Talk about one awkward moment. From there on out I have faithfully worn my wedding ring daily.

As we’ve been together for almost 12 years this October and married for 7, I figured it was time to fix this minor problem we have around here. ;) I saw an ad on Facebook for these silicon wedding rings called QALO. Pure genius, right?! I immediately reached out and shared my story about Andy and asked for samples and our wedding ring dilemma has now been changed immensely!

In a nutshell, these rings capture style meets function. It’s perfect for those who simply don’t want to risk your normal band during your daily activities (working out, traveling, playing with the kiddos, etc.) or your ring is a safety hazard for the job you do. These rings are the perfect solution! They allow you to show your commitment to your loved ones, while not having to worry about damaging the ring or your finger! Not to mention, they also target common sensory issues with traditional wedding rings, and they’re designed to NOT make your finger sweat while wearing it. That was another huge problem that discouraged Andy from wearing his wedding ring.

So now it’s been 3 weeks and Andy is going strong wearing his wedding ring literally 80% of the time. I call that progress if you ask me. Going from 0% to 80% is HUGE in the Johnson house. ;)

And while we’re talking ALL about rings, I have to ask you – does anyone else take their wedding ring off at night? I’ve always wondered if I was the only one who did this. I am afraid I’ll either scratch Claire with it OR sometimes I sleep with my hand on my cheek and having a wedding ring can be really uncomfortable. If I forget to take it off and put it safety in a drawer where Claire can’t sneak it, I’ll just flip the ring around where the diamond is facing the palm of my hands. I have to admit: I am LOVING the stackable QALO rings, whether they’re used for a wedding ring alternative or just an awesome accessory – especially when doing DIY projects!

How do you find a work around for your wedding ring when baking and crafting? Do you take it off when doing projects or going to bed? Answer in the comments below to be entered to win a QALO prize pack!

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Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Jenn Bartell

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    1. Madonna

      I am not married any more but when I was I used to take them off if I was doing messy stuff like mixing dough etc.

    2. Wren4

      Yes, I take my rings off when mixing dough or meatballs, or gardening, or anything that might get “stuff” in the nooks and crannies. It’s a lot of work to get them clean again, but I love doing those things too much to ever stop doing them because of rings, lol :~)

    3. KElizM

      My husband actually lost his first wedding band and doesn’t wear his current much. I usually wear my ring 24/7 unless I’m doing something that I think will get it dirty or damage it.

    4. Jeffrey Lammers

      I don’t wear my wedding ring very often due to my work and activities on my days off. The Qalo rings would be great for me all day, everyday.
      jlammers002 at woh dot rr dot com

    5. AnnaZed

      These would be great for cycling. It’s amazing how annoying or even painful a ring is when shifting a road bike.
      margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

    6. LAMusing

      Not married anymore, but when I was I left my ring on unless there was “slippery” stuff I’d be putting my hands in that could make the ring slide off. Then I’d put it in the change compartment of my wallet

    7. honeypie411

      I take my ring off all the time whenever I’m cleaning or working out. It scratches very easily. One of these rings would be so great!

    8. susansmoaks

      my husband and i both wear our rings all the time. we have little bands so they don’t really get in the way.

    9. Jammie

      When I am baking or doing something dirty with my hands I take my ring off. jammielmorey at gmail dot com

    10. kathypease

      I got mad at my husband years ago and threw mine out into the backyard so I don’t even wear a wedding ring anymore


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