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Looks like this series is turning into an absolute success around here! I am so happy to see you all sharing these quotes on your channels. I have no doubt you’re lifting your friends’ spirits and days as well. We’re off to Volume 2 on this series, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s going. I LOVE having this opportunity to share more of the inspiration that speaks to me with all of you! My hope for this series is that it adds some extra spark to whoever reads it’s day. Print them, save them to your desktop, shout them from the rooftops, share them on your social channels, these were made just for you!!!! And I have to ask – do you have a favorite quote you would love to see shared? Simply drop me a comment below, and I’ll be selecting my favorites for our future series posts.

I love this quote. I heard it one time at church, and it has always stuck with me. Whenever I get stuck in the rut of comparison, I remind myself of this. I think about how I can nurture the things I want to make better.

Have I ever told you guys how much I LOVE my dad? He’s the best! My dad is very wise and has taught me a thing or two about life. I’ll share more quotes from him in this series for sure! I thought this would be the most perfect place to start. This one comes along with a quick story! ;) I must have been in 4th grade. There was a skate boarder who lost his new beanie in a puddle of mud. We found it, and were walking about the empty school. We had NO idea who it belonged to. The boy came over and said “have you seen a gray beanie” and sure enough, we knew exactly where it was. My dad used this example as a lifelong lesson I will always remember and uses it often whether it be for business or any other type of opportunity – even asking for something to be cooked a certain way at a restaurant. LOL!

This quote came naturally to me 4 years ago when I was re-branding to have a more “party focus” on the blog. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t trademarked, so I took the plunge, and here I am. I believe this wholeheartedly. Life can be short and fragile, and I am SO thankful for every single day I get to have on earth with my family, loved ones, and everyone I meet (from the employees at the coffee shop who touch my life 5 days a week to the checker at Target who knows me on a first name basis). ;) I believe every single day is a reason to celebrate and live life to its fullest.

And that brings me to this next quote. The above pretty much says it all! You are the pilot! Create a life you wholeheartedly love inside and out. You deserve to be happy and have surroundings and experiences that touch your heart and make you happy!

I LOVE this quote for obvious reasons! Confetti and being kind makes me so happy! Let’s mix the two and make it a party, shall we?! ;)


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