Volume 3: Quotes That Will Make Your Day In Seconds

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YAY! This is turning into one of my most favorite sections on this blog. How funny to find more joy in different ways than lifestyle content creation. Can I start by telling you how happy I am to see you all sharing these quotes on your channels. As we’re ALREADY on volume 3 of this series, it’s been one of the highlights of my week to open up about these quotes that have changed my life. If you’ve missed our earlier series, don’t forget to check our Volume 1 and Volume 2. I LOVE having this opportunity to share more of the inspiration that speaks to my heart and hopefully yours too! ;) My goal for this series is that it adds some extra sparkle to whoever reads it. I want BFFF to be your little corner of the internet that is a joyful happy place. =) Print them, save them to your desktop, shout them from the rooftops, share them on your social channels, these were made especially for you!!!! As I will be writing Volume 4 in no time, I have to ask – do you have a favorite quote you would love to see shared? Simply drop me a comment below, and I’ll be selecting my favorites for our future series posts.


This one is from mom! Some of you who followed this blog very early back in 2010 may remember my mom!!!!! She’s the sweetest, kindest, nicest person I know. She would help anyone and has such a great heart. My parents started their own business WITHOUT college degrees but A LOT of passion. They owned a local senior in-home care agency for 25 years+. She was always so passionate about helping others. I grew up in my parents’ office, and my mom would always tell me “You’re only as good as your team,” meaning that the caregivers and office staff they would hire were a main key point of the success of this business. If your employees aren’t doing their best, it will reflect your business poorly. I always remember this, and it’s the perfect reminder for me to know that it’s such a game-changer to have a passionate, talented team. I always say it takes a village to run a blog, at least in my case. It’s because of our AMAZING team that we’re able to make the progress we have been – especially this past year!

I’m guilty of getting in my own way a time of two. Apparently in the business consulting world, it’s called “an upper limit issue.” It’s almost like not feeling deserving or entitled to something. But people do this ALL the time in their daily life too whether it’s promotions, relationships, etc. Let’s make a pact and not get in our own way. Instead of making it happen, let’s “Let it happen.”

LOL! I say this ALL the time in real life and on my Instagram story. Even though I love that Mondays are a good perspective for a fresh start, I also feel like that transition from the weekend to the regular week is like night and day. A lot of Mondays you will find me getting up to speed before really kicking things off on Tuesday.

I LOVE Fridays. I remember when Andy used to work at a grocery store, he would NEVER get weekends off! We missed so many BIG events because of this. Now that we work together full time AND Charlie is in kindergarten and has weekends off from school, I can wholeheartedly understand the power of weekends. Friday is the pre-game party for the weekends. Weekends are when we slow down and smell the roses (literally – we do that on our walks). We unplug, we stop working, and have family time. I don’t go out with friends or make commitments. So let’s make every Friday a party together! And for my friends who do work on weekends, please don’t feel bad if you cannot fully relate to this. I remember when I would work and I still LOVED weekends. It was a time where things just had a change of pace regardless of working or not. People seemed more relaxed, more social opportunities came up in my circle, and most of the best memories I’ve created were on weekends! LOL!

Here’s the thing! There is ONLY one of you, and you can never be duplicated or replaced. Isn’t that amazing! Whether it’s with friends, your social circle, your career, or anything in-between, there is ONLY one of you! People will like you for you. Your personality, quirks, flaws, perks are all beautiful, and that is what makes you you!


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    1. Paola Benitez

      “Let it happen.” Is exactly what I needed to read at this moment. Thank you for that!


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