Volume 4: Quotes That Will Make Your Day In Seconds

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Our team has been having a blast working out of the new office! As I’ve been counting my blessings more than usual lately, this series could NOT hit at a better time. Have I mentioned how much fun I am having with you on this? I can’t believe we’ve already reached our 1 month anniversary on this series. ;) Confetti is a must….but I don’t want to have to clean it up! ;)

I am so happy to see you all sharing these quotes on your channels. My true blue hope for this series is that it adds some extra spark to whoever reads it’s day. I want it to lift you up and know that you’re important and CAN take on whatever challenges or opportunities that you may face! You got this! Print them, save them to your desktop, shout them from the rooftops, share them on your social channels, these were made just for you!!!!

Everyone has their own definition of happiness. On a personal note, I haven’t always loved my life or felt happy with myself. It wasn’t until I made some changes in my life and REALLY got to know myself and my own needs that things started to change. Over the years, I have learned that sometimes you just gotta create your own sunshine. Life is one of the MOST precious gifts of all, and I feel SO lucky to live this life with each and every one of you!

I LOVE this quote! I am a FIRM believer that time is the very best gift someone. My most valuable relationships I have experienced were with people who equally invested themselves into me as I have to them. I love when “win-wins” work out that way.

OMG! As I was typing about this quote, I just realized we have (I mean had) a major problem over here. I can’t believe I haven’t already made this into a BFFF quote. I’ve written about it and talk about this so much in this space. Time is precious, and it’s so important to make every day count – whether it’s just being in the moment or leaving blank spaces on your calendar to create time to be spontaneous. Don’t worry about having to go all out or wait for a special occasion to do something fun. Opportunities and memories can be created in your own home or just a few steps away from your front door!

Crosby Stills & Nash says it best: “Time is a gift, not a loan.” That quote has definitely made me do A LOT of thinking lately on how I spend my time. Whether it be with my family, friends, business, or whatever else… I wholeheartedly realize life’s rich and priceless value from both ends of the spectrum. Whatever way we slice it or dice it, when you carve out time for someone else, you’re mutually giving someone a snapshot of your life that you will never get back.

I learned this naturally from my grandma. This trait was always a part of me. The truth is that I LOVE people. I love people I have never met and even people I only talk to for a second. I am a people person, and I think everyone is SO special. I truly mean each and every word of this.  I believe that EVERYONE is a VIP! I treat the person at the Target checkout line just as nice as the person I am closing a sponsored deal with. I’ll never forget being at a conference and seeing someone talk to the person who served us in an unnecessary demeaning tone, and then moments later talking to a brand they were trying to close a deal with like they were royalty.  Eek! I repeat, be someone who makes everyone feel like someone!!!


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