Weekly Stylish Things To Buy ASAP! Vol. 3

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Happy Saturday friends! Can someone please tell me how we’re already back to the weekend again?! I can’t help but to wonder where the month of March went!! This past month, I was lucky enough to go to 2 weddings. The crazy thing is that I haven’t been to a wedding in 2 years, so the fact that I’ve literally gone to 2 weddings sort of feels like I hit the lotto. I love them! ;) These days it’s usually baby showers as that is the most relatable milestone in my life. What about you? Has it been more weddings, baby showers, or vacations?! Ahhhh! Speaking of vacations, I am totally ready to take another one myself.  ;) In the mean time, I just made this curation of my favorite trends on the internet as we speak! Did I miss anything perfectly pink? Let me know in the comments! Sending you all bear hugs from Sunny Sacramento, California! =) P.S. You can shop the post by clicking the plus sign over each image below! I love technology! ;)



Graphic Design for Best Friends For Frosting by Tessie Fay Design

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