5 Tips To Successfully Running A Business With Your Spouse

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As a lot of you probably know, I work with my husband. We are in a unique situation that sometimes I can’t wrap my entire mind around it! ;) So many people tell us how lucky we are to work together and I agree! But with all wonderful things, there are also challenges that come along with it too! ;) We’ve certainly had our own flow of trial and error over the years.   It’s been a learning process for sure!

Today I wanted to get a little bit more personal and share with you our  top 5 biggest lessons Andy and I have learned in this process so far! Of course we have so much to learn, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with any advice you may have too!  Trust me, we still need it! ;)



BUILD EACH OTHER UP: This is HUGE –  especially for Andy! It’s so important to be one another’s cheer leaders. Celebrate your successes. Appreciate each other’s strong points! Be just as excited for each other’s successes as you would be for a friend or a team member’s success! When I talk to Andy about the things that he is not doing to my liking, he sometimes gets on the defensive side or could feel undervalued. However, when I build him up and tell him what he is doing great and how he can improve certain things, this method does wonder and makes us stronger.  =)

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EACH OTHER’S ZONES OF GENIUS: Everyone has a zone of genius. You know, that expertise of business that really fires you up and makes you over-the-moon excited!  Luckily for Andy and I, we have entirely different strengths and weaknesses. Andy’s zones of genius is typically styling, photography, business development, and tech! My zones of genius include A LOT of business development and having an overall vision for the brand! Because Andy and I have different strengths, we really make a point to leverage each others.

STRIVE FOR A BALANCE BETWEEN WORK & PERSONAL TIME: I know SO many people say this, but it’s so so so true! There is a time to talk work and a time to just be a family. I am the kind of girl where when I hear anything about work, my mind starts racing and before I know it, I can’t shut it off. I get so excited that I want to write all my ideas down or just dive on in. Because of this, I am pretty good about knowing my boundaries and limits. :) Of course I still think about work because I love my job so much. It’s sometimes very hard to shut my mind off. ;)

MAKE TIME FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP: This is a big one! When Andy’s parents would come down to babysit the kids for the day, we would find ourselves at a coffee shop for hours having work meetings. We found ourselves using all of our free time to dive into work that we didn’t set enough time aside to focus on our marriage. Now we make a point to make time for date afternoons / nights where we focus on each other and have a great time together. Or even if things are busy, we make time to have a cup of coffee together while the kids are having fun!  Having a great work / family balance is HUGE!

KNOW THAT YOU CAN COUNT ON EACH OTHER 110%: It’s so important to know that you can count on each other 110%. Building that trust together is crucial when running a business together. Remember to be a self-starter and ALWAYS treat the business like a real “business” as if someone else owned it, and you could be let go if you don’t meet your daily tasks. ;) I know that sounds very harsh, but that is the best way I can put it. A business is like a flower in a garden. If it cannot rely on being watered, given sun and soil, it will not make it. Water your business and let it shine!

In conclusion, I couldn’t be more thankful to have a husband who is so supportive of my dreams and helps run the day to day tasks around the house and in our business. It takes a village to raise a family and run a business! ;)



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