Weekly Stylish Things To Buy ASAP! Vol. 4

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Don’t you just love when things spontaneously work out so well?! This past weekend was filled with getting together with family because of Mother’s Day, of course! I’ll be the first to say I am pretty sure I ate more in one weekend than the average person consumes in 1 week! ;) Okay, I am only half kidding guys! Hahaha! I love that we’re already in to our FIRST month of this brand new series. For new readers who are joining us, after reviewing our 2017 Survey Results, 46% of you told me you would love to see MORE product round-ups on Best Friends For Frosting, so that is when this idea was born! =) I have to tell you, I am loving every minute of curating these round-ups. Not only is it helping me stay more on top of internet trends, but it’s also another fun way to communicate with you and express my style outside of tutorials and recipes! =) I hope you are all ready to kick off another amazing week! Please, Please, PLEASE go do something nice for yourself this week! Whether it’s treating yourself to an early morning walk with your favorite playlist or indulging in an early morning vanilla latte – take some time for yourself too! You deserve it girlfriend! Sending you all hugs from Sunny Sacramento, California! =)



Graphic Design For Best Friends For Frosting by Tessie Fay

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