Monthly Catch Up: June in Review

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It feels like it was literally just yesterday when I was typing May’s review, and now we’ve already wrapped up June! Now that it’s officially July, we’re more than half-way through the year, and there’s twenty-something weekends before…Christmas! ;) Okay, I won’t push the envelope too much over here. June has been such a fun month of getting situated and preparing for FUN!

House update: Andy has ripped out carpet, knocked down trees, painted the walls, added in NEW floors, and we’re hoping to move in this month! Keep on the look out for more blog posts soon on our home renovation. I am FINALLY feeling like this is real! P.S. Did I mention Home Depot has become our new home and Andy knows several guys on a first name basis?!

Kicking off our 6-month partnership with Better Homes & Gardens: SO excited to kick off our new partnership with Better Homes & Gardens! Now – December, we will be sharing exclusive content 1-2 times a month. The first post is officially live- SORRY Anthropologie (just kidding). Check it out here!!

Prepping the office: Andy is FINALLY gearing up to paint our new office. It’s been gray for the past 4 months! So ready to start branding this as our new “work” home.  We are firming up partners for our office renovation so stay tuned! ;)

Leaving the studio to do more photoshoots: Amber, our Business Development Director, said it would be a game-changer if we started doing more shoots outdoors. We took her advice and have done several shoots this past month from Ally’s pool! I have to admit, she called it! Blue water and floaties….need I say more?! Check out the first few posts we’ve shared from these shoots here, here, and here!!

Planning Charlie’s 7th Birthday Party: I’m over-the-moon excited to team up with The Confetti Pineapple to plan Charlie’s 7th Birthday party! We have an entire roster of AMAZING party sponsors (Hayneedle, Silhouette, SunnyLife, Sprinkles, Pepperidge Farm, Jelly Belly…and the list goes on)! I can’t wait to make this beach party a reality. We’ve been planning this for weeks and weeks! Stay tuned for the blog post in July!

Mom life: Still can’t believe we can check Kindergarten off our list! ;)  I just made this comparison of Charlie’s FIRST day of school and last day of school.  He has definitely lost his “toddler-ish” look.  Charlie is soaking up summer in every shape and form! In between building pillow forts and all kinds of family fun, we’re having one of the best summers to date! Oh and Claire is officially potty training at ONLY 18 months (her request).

My Sanrio Obsession: A couple weeks ago, I felt nostalgic and googled my favorite Sanrio characters. I found this old Spotty Dotty tin box I used to have – she was my favorite. Does anyone else remember this?

Okay, and that’s a wrap for June! Sure, it wasn’t as exciting as being invited to hang out with Drew Barrymore or audition to host a show on the Food Network, but it is hands down one of my favorite months! Sending you all bear hugs from Sunny Sacramento!!!


Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Tra Huynh (photo 1) Jenn Bartell (photo 3)  and Melissa’s iPhone


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