August National Days

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I am back again with our NEW series sharing my favorite national days for each month. I have to admit, my favorite national day in July was Simplicity Day – don’t we all need a little of that?! For August- be there or be square! ;) Don’t miss 8/1 Girlfriends Day, 8/8 Happiness Happens Day (MY FAVORITE), 8/10 Lazy Day (My other favorite – because we ALL sometimes need permission to take a break, right?!), 8/13 Left Handers Day (I am a lefty), 8/14 Creamsicle Day, 8/16 Tell a Joke Day (That is like every day for me), 8/31 Eat Outside Day.


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    1. Indya S

      I LOVE holidays like these! I base so much of my content around them, they’re so much fun! August is also Happiness Happens Month AND it has a day dedicated to it, which is strange! Same thing happened in July with Ice Cream Month and Ice Cream Day.

      August is also Romance Awareness Month so I’m going to try and be super cheese + spoil my partner all month long ???? it’s going to be a fun month!


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