Baby Registry Essentials for Minimalist Living Printable

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Can we all talk about the feeling of overwhelm that INSTANTLY follows when trying to figure out what to actually register for when having a baby?! When I had Charlie, I was so overwhelmed with registry lists! I have to admit, I ended up buying so many things I didn’t actually need – but how do you REALLY know with your first?! The possibilities were endless. It was SO hard for me to narrow it down when every mom or website had something different to say. I ended up registering for everything under the sun because I was convinced I HAD to have it all!

I quickly realized I didn’t need so many of the things I initially registered for. As time went on, it was clear what were the “must haves” and what could’ve been left off.

By the time I had Claire, I was already starting to embrace a more minimalistic lifestyle. This time around, I wanted to be sure to keep things as simple as possible and only register for what I knew I absolutely needed! Even now that my kids aren’t babies anymore, I’m still trying to stick to minimalism and keep things as simple as possible. I promise it’s so much easier said than done! ;) It’s definitely a work in progress but SO worth it!

To help all you mamas or mamas to be (congratulations!), I put together a list of my absolute must-have baby essentials! There are no affiliate links – this truly is my personal list of what I would buy for baby #3 (no I am not pregnant) while living on a budget – no fluff! I did add a couple things that might come across to you as non-essentials like a Rock ‘n Play and baby swing. But, for both Claire and Charlie, this was a lifesaver for us! This is what soothed Charlie and Claire the most to fall asleep. I couldn’t imagine having another baby without them! Anyone else out there who swears by this???

And I just have to ask…does anyone else just want to SQUEEZE her?! Andy actually blow-dried her hair after her bath last night, and she is glowing all kinds of shades! ;) Charlie was cracking up! Ok, back to registry talk (sorry, totally couldn’t contain myself here) …

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed about where to register, I can tell you wholeheartedly that registering for BOTH kids at Target was a breeze! They even price match – toss the confetti! Target Baby Registry helps kick start your registry by adding a few baby essentials like diapers Pampers Size 1 diapers so you won’t forget. Quick tip – consider adding a few different size boxes of Pampers because they literally go from size 1 to 2 overnight with all the growth spurts in the first few months.  And their returns process was so easy; you could even bring things back for up to a year later. When using Target’s registry, they will give you a Free Welcome Kit ($50 worth of coupons and handpicked samples). And do not forget about the 15% coupon for the remainder of your registry items once your new little one arrives. You can also use your RedCard for an additional 5% off!  

Did I miss anything? What were your top picks on your registry? I would love to know!


Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Andy Johnson

Printable by Sweet Southern Pixels

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