DIY Chic Toothbrush Holder

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This post is sponsored by Toms Of Maine, but all opinions are my own. Thank you to the amazing brands that support Best Friends For Frosting.

Bathroom renovations are at the top of my list – we have 2 to be exact! I have been so motivated to give every room in our new home a makeover- the newness of being a first time homeowner is still going strong. ;) In the meantime, I’ve been adding new accessories to spruce up these minimalistic spaces. My latest addition? A DIY tooth shaped toothbrush holder. But, it’s not just ANY old toothbrush holder. With long lashes and the pinkest blushed cheeks, it adds such a fun feminine pop.

In the spirit of making healthier choices, I am SO excited that TOM’s of Maine just released a Whitening Toothpaste – I cannot even begin to tell you guys how LONG I have been waiting for this. I tried it for 14 days and can truly tell you guys that I’ve finally found a whitening toothpaste that actually does what it claims to do: whitens! And did I mention it has naturally derived ingredients and whitening technology to remove surface stains? You can literally brighten your smile after just two weeks of regular brushing. I tried it and cannot believe the difference.

Now I don’t have to spend extra hours every week whitening my teeth because no one has time for that, right?! AMEN! Instead, I can spend more time with the kids or on home renovations, spontaneous date nights, and making new recipes! Life is good!

How to make a DIY Chic Toothbrush Holder


1 two-liter soda bottle

White, pink, and black paint



  1. Cut the bottom off the two-liter soda bottle.

  2. Paint the bottom portion white.

  3. Paint pink polka dots for cheeks, then paint eyelashes.

Photo Credit

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Andy Johnson

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