9 Amazing (and Fun!) Tips on How to Slow Down

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If you’re like me, you may have been guilty a time or two about going non-stop like an energizer bunny! I feel like 24 hours is NEVER enough hours in the day. You know those days where you feel like you’re being pulled in 30 different directions?! No one needs to live like that constantly. Remember, busy doesn’t make you more important. You would be surprised how recharging your battery sets you up for success to work more efficiently and to be the best version of yourself. I feel like it was ONLY until this past year that I learned to truly slow down and smell the roses. That meant saying NO to money, fun, obligations, etc. that I would usually be kicking myself for saying no to. At first it was SO hard, but as this newly discovered muscle developed, the world got a bit brighter, food literally smelled better and tasted better too, and like that song in Aladdin, it felt like “A Whole New World!” ;)

I am SO excited to share with you my favorite tips that help me celebrate the everyday! Don’t worry, I am not going to give you a whole story on basic tips like meditating and doing yoga! ;) These are things that are practical and have worked really well for me. Some seem SO basic, but you would be surprised.


  1. Mark a “ME Morning” or “Me Day” out on your calendar. This is HUGE! I remember on my 31st birthday I told Andy all I wanted was a morning to myself. So I left the house all morning and afternoon to go to the mall and go shopping and even stopped at my favorite spots for lunch and coffee. And if I had more time in the day, I definitely would have gone for an overdue pedicure or watched a movie alone.
  2. Mani / Pedi– This one is SO stereotypical but it’s one of my favorite times to myself (I repeat: to myself). I don’t like going with friends as that usually means talking the whoooole time, and this is my quiet time to get my thoughts together. I always pack headphones just in case I am sitting next to someone who talks A LOT! ;)
  3. Get up EXTRA early or stay up EXTRA late and have a hot cup of coffee or tea – I mention extra early or late because that is when the house should be extra quiet… free of TV, noisy husbands, or kids. My favorite thing is getting up at 6 AM and making a pumpkin spice latte (I am so hooked) and sweetening it up with some Organic Stevia In The Raw; it’s low in calories (just 3 calories in a pack!) and tastes even sweeter than sugar. A win-win! :)
  4. Write Thank You Cards / Holiday Cards / Just Because Cards– Ever since I was little, I would mail my grandparents and relatives a card at least 1-2 times per week. I would get so excited about gel rolling pens, stationary, and the newest stamps that would come out. To this day, I find it so much fun. As a matter of fact, I just went to the Dollar Store to stock up on Halloween cards to mail out to my nieces and nephews.
  5. Unplug –  Here’s the lowdown on me and unplugging. If my kids are not with me, I have to have my phone ringer on. If my kids are with me, I have 0 guilt turning my phone on vibrate and unplugging. I love it. I do this a very large portion of when I am with the kids. It’s 2017 which means MANY do not unplug as often, so I would LOVE to be that person to tell you how refreshing it is to do this. It’s liberating and helps you really be in the moment. I personally find this to be one of the most important ways to take care of yourself. Recharge yourself while your phone (and laptop, tablet, Apple watch, etc.) recharges! A few hours technology-free may be just what you need to get back on track! If there is one thing for you to do from this list, do that! ;)
  6. Read– Go buy a REALLY good book and get lost in it. Light your favorite fall scented candle from the store and sit in your comfiest chair in the house. I am a lighting fanatic, so I vote for finding the best place in your home that has the perfect balance of natural light.
  7. Buy yourself flowers AND your favorite dessert – I’ve found that randomly buying myself flowers brightens up my day (and my kitchen too)! There is something about pink peonies on your counter that brings SO much joy to any day! And if you follow those flowers with your favorite dessert, you’re set up for success to have an AMAZING day!  
  8. Make a healthy breakfast–  Smoothie bowls, green juice, fruit and yogurt parfaits or a warm bowl of oatmeal are all great and healthy ways to start the day. Instead of adding heaps of sugar to your breakfast, try sprinkling a packet of Organic Stevia In The Raw on your favorite fruit or oatmeal. One packet is only 3 calories and is equivalent in sweetness to two teaspoons of sugar. I also love it in my tea or coffee. There are tons of delicious breakfast recipes on In The Raw’s Pinterest page.  You deserve to start your day on a sweet note!
  9. Go for a walk – Once again, this might sound super stereotypical, but this works wonders for me! I love walking on the river or around the neighborhood in the morning when it’s not too cold or too hot and the air is just crisp!! I love when the sun is glowing JUST right. Even if it’s a 5 minute walk or a 30 minute walk, it’s so refreshing!


What’s your favorite way to slow down? Tell me in the comments for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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    1. Natalie

      I love to slow down by taking a hot shower. Sometimes I will play my shower radio which helps me relax and unwind.

    2. mami2jcn

      I get up earlier than everyone else and have a yogurt while I check my emails and read the news.

    3. Rachel

      A bubble bah + a book. My heaven. Doesn’t happen too often with two toddlers now though!

    4. Susan Smith

      My favorite way to slow down is to read a book and drink a glass of wine on the deck.

    5. Madeline

      I’ve been taking walks during my lunch break in order to slow down. It helps me process the day.


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