Volume 9: Quotes that will make your day in seconds

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I ALWAYS get so excited when I sit down to choose quotes for this section! You all already know this is one of my favorite columns on this blog, and I hope it is one of yours too. :) I can’t believe we’re already on Volume 10 of this series!! I’m so grateful to have a platform that can uplift and inspire others. Not everything is rainbows and cupcakes in real life! ;) Everyone has their own set of challenges. As my mom says, if everyone were to throw their problems in a pile, chances are you would pick your problems right back out of that pile! ;) You got this! Find a quote that speaks to you? Make sure to print these, save your favorites, make one your phone background, shout them from the rooftops, or share them on your social channels, because these were made especially for you!!!

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles! 

You can’t make everyone happy! You’re NOT cupcakes! ;) Let’s be real!!! ;)

The comeback is always stronger than the setback – said every person who has dealt with a setback or burnout. I still owe you guys a blog post on this!

Everyday is a reason to celebrate! I believe this with all of my heart. Life is a gift! I am so thankful to be a wife and mother.

It is what it is. No fluff! ;)


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