Thanks to the arrival of summer, we’re currently in a “think colorfully” state of mind. If it’s bold, beautiful, and bursting with color, then we want more of it in our lives! As luck would have it, the best place to start is your living space. Grab an iced-coffee, throw back your curtains to let in all that natural sunlight, and follow these tips for a brighter, happier summertime home!

1. Color

Don’t be afraid to go big — this pretty pink love-seat offers an instant pop of color! It draws your eye toward the window and gives your space the illusion of being bigger than it really is. (via BijouAndBoheme)


2. Seating

When in doubt, opt for something that’s a little out of the ordinary. If you’ve ever fantasized about having a hanging chair in your home, then it’s time to make it happen! (via A House In The Hills)


If seating statements aren’t your forte, then rest assured that there are plenty of other chic alternatives. Though minimalist in design, this modern pale pink chair is still very classic and eye-catching. (via Weekday Carnival)


3. Organization & Accessories

We know firsthand that there are few things worse than having an unorganized and messy space. This kitchen’s organization hits the spot, combining great shelving and patterns, all while keeping it attainable for the everyday. (via Little Blue Deer)


Once you have the layout of the room down, rely on accessories to bring it all together. Mirrors are great for bringing light into a room and can often serve as the focal point of your dresser display. (via Julia Kostreva)


Working with a space that could use a little fixing-up? No problem! There are endless ways to make it work! Dividing up your space into usable rooms is vital to the flow of your home. This creative room divider is not only visually pleasing and creative, but it also gets the job done! (via Sulia)


4. Flowers & Plants

With so many flowers and plants in bloom, it only makes sense to bring them inside! Get in on the trend by grabbing a bouquet of flowers or investing in a low maintenance plant for your desktop. (via Pikkuvarpunen)


There’s nothing quite like a vase of roses to liven up your living space. For a fuller look, keep the stems and leaves long. (via The Everygirl)


Peonies are the prefect way to add a soft and feminine touch to your space. To create a central focal point, stack them atop your favorite coffee table books. (via Domino)

How will you be sprucing up your space this summer?

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