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Pink pillows for room

If you don’t already know by now, pink is our absolute favorite color and we look for any excuse to have it anywhere, anytime! We especially love the various hues of pink dispersed throughout our homes, whether it be the tabletop decor, or snazzy barware, we’ll take pink in any form! (via Recently)

pink settee geo pillow

We’re just going to sit back and relax on this one of a kind hot pink settee!  Accented with a geometric patterned pillow, this space is the ideal place for the BFFF girl to unwind with her favorite glass of wine! (via: Christine Dovey)

pink couch puppy

Puppy pink perfection! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with this little angel?! We just love the contrast of the various black and white throw pillows and matching nesting boxes! And yes, we’ll take a cup of coffee while we’re at it, please! (via Breakfast At Yurmans)

pink door hello

A pink accent door?! Why not?! Fun and friendly, the cursive printed “hello” makes this entranceway that much more inviting! (via Wallums)

pink bedroom and decor

Last (but certainly not least!) we love pink scattered throughout the bedroom! Whether you’d like to douse your entire space in shades of pink, or simply make a statement with a bold, pink marquee letter, thinking pink is always a good idea! (via Lindsay Stephenson)


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